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I am a subcontractor and we performed a big flooring installation in a commercial building and the company who hired us are not paying us with the total amount! It’s has been 90 days already since we completed the job . This job was done in the state of Colorado....Read More
Tatiana Bertoluci
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ColoradoRight to Lien
I m a subcontractor for Metco landscape doing snow removal plow truck @ ball arena they owe us 34K science Jan 28th they , but we hear we are not the only one with out pay & the dont provide information , but we hear that they will change owner ship promt by the 15 of this Month & not sure what do to secure any think @ this point...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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ColoradoPrompt Payment
I lend $50k to a LLC with a deed on a property. The note has expired 2 months ago. And this LLC owns another property and this LLC is selling this property, so I would like to put a lien against the property they are selling to get my money back....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
2 answersAdd commentMar 17, 2020
ColoradoLien ForeclosureLien on Funds
We are a roofing company that sub-contracted roofing work on a commercial project from another roofing company. We supplied labor only. The property owner has paid the contractor, but the contractor will not pay us. We have already sent the Intent to Lien to the contractor and the property owner and still refusal to pay. We filed the lien with the county court and they have been sent a copy. The contractor and the property owner still refuse to pay. What paper work do I need to enforce the lien and start the foreclosure process? ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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ColoradoLien Foreclosure
We are a school district in Colorado and we had hired a local contractor to install HVAC upgrades to three of our schools. Are we required to have a performance bond from him? The total am ount of the job bid is $993,000. Would a retainage fee of 5% be a better option?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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ColoradoConstruction ContractPayment BondPerformance Bond
I'm a 2nd tier subcontractor doing work for a subcontractor, but I haven't been paid because the subcontractor has not been paid. The subcontractor tells me he is waiting on a change order from the General Contractor so he can invoice for the work....Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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ColoradoMechanics Lien
Hi! If a homeowner isn’t plannig to sell or refinance their home why should they care if a lien is out on their house?...Read More
Anonymous Property Owner
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ColoradoMechanics Lien
Client was difficult and rude throughout the construction process, so we did work clearly outside of scope just to keep the peace. We did the work, and I sent an invoice along with an email requesting just to discuss the change orders. That invoice, as well as our original contracted amount final invoice, have both been ignored. The change order email requested a discussion, and we were willing to negotiate where needed but they have gone radio silent and won't pay anything. Can I include the change order amount in my demand for payment or should I just stick to my original contracted COD amount?...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
2 answersAdd commentFeb 10, 2022
I've just finished my first large job as a company. It was a learning process. I billed the customer weekly to bi-weekly for majority of the project. I billed them on 3 or 4 occasions for cost of equipment and operation. The last payment being recieved beginning of October. It is now March, after receiving their final bill, they are trying to dispute the rental charges from 5 months ago...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
1 answerAdd commentMar 17, 2021
Hello, last Friday my contractor sent me a Notice of Intent to Lien. I do not disagree that he is owed money, but it should be for less than he is asking for. Is it better for me to pay him for what I believe is owed, or will we need to go to court either way?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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I was hired by a Colorado GC to install as specified in the plans provided by the architect (this included which specific products to install). There is an issue with the manufacture of the products themselves, but they were installed properly. I am being told that I have punch list items to complete because the products are not working correctly. The products are defective, but install was correct. The GC should have already received 3 draws on this project, but is saying they have not received any payment. There is a pay when paid clause in the contract. The project is in CO. Due to the corona virus, the site (it is a visual arts center owned by a university) is shut down so I couldn't do the punch list even if I wanted to. What steps do I need to take to preserve my lien rights? How can I send an NOI when they aren't even open?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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ColoradoBond ClaimsCoronavirusMechanics LienNotice of Intent to LienRecovery Options
My construction company was hired to convert a garage into a two-bedroom, one bath living area with a living room and a little space for laundry. We met with the homeowner to get the info for an estimate. She informed us that the tenants living upstairs had reported her to code enforcement because she had someone doing work in the garage and did not pull a permit, resulting in a Stop Work letter from Pikes Peak Regional Building Dept. She said that when the inspector came out, he could only see a small portion of the garage, so that is all she would get a permit for...seemed a little shady but whatever. After two hours of her telling us what she wanted and us telling her what was feasible, we felt we had the info we needed to give a proper estimate. Submitted the estimate which she agreed to and then emailed her a contract. She was adamant about getting the job done ASAP so she could sell the property, so we started before she signed the contract. That was on 02/05/2023 and as of today (06/05/2023) I still don't have a signed contract. She signed the estimate. In the contract we put down a completion date of 04/30/2023 which we did not meet that deadline because of personal tragedies and the homeowner requesting additional work and changes. No change orders were signed. When we were 90% done with the project, we needed money for materials and labor to finish. We presented her with a $26,000 invoice for the 'extras', which included a full kitchen, three additional subterranean egress windows and several other items. She said that was too much, and she would not pay for it. What we charged her for all the extra work was well below the national average and more than fair. She still owed $2500 on the original contract, which she paid 05/30/2023. She agreed to pay $17000 for the extras. We told her we needed $8000 to finish the job, and she cut a check on 06/02/2023 for $3000 and said she would pay the $5000 on Monday. We went to the job Saturday morning to find she had changed all the locks. We have called her and left messages but no response. Do you think filing a lien would be successful? How should we handle the homeowner reneging on the agreement we had and changing the locks with no notice? Is her paying $3000 toward the extras invoice significant?...Read More
Dawn Kinney
4 answersAdd commentJun 5, 2023
ColoradoMechanics Lien
my company was run off a window replacement job last Thursday (the day we were going to finish trimming the exterior of 6 windows, the customer texted me at 6:22am to tell me my crew was not allowed to work at his home that day, we proceeded to show up to his house to remove our tools and enclosed trailer so we could work at another job that day, one thing escalated to another and the local police had to get involved to assist me with a civil recovery of my companies property as the customer backed a truck up tight to my trailer and deflated his tires. We were able to get out property out of the customers home and remove our trailer with the assistance of the local Oak Creek, CO police. He reported my company to my local building authorities in Routt County, CO for not pulling a replacement window permit, as the homeowner wanted to cut as many costs as he could so we verbally agreed he would dispose of jobsite debris, customer would self perform painting his own interior trim and pull his own permit. We know we should have put these details in writing. moving on, we don't feel like its a safe environment to return to try to finish this job. We also have an inspection report that indicates he has created some sabotage to the work we have completed, as the inspection report indicates that my company cut into headers above windows, and cut through sheathing on the customers home. there was 3 layers of siding, no wood sheathing on this old house, 3 layers of interior wall materials, if anything we had to add new dimensional lumber to several window opening as the existing window openings were in pretty poor condition. The customer is texting us constantly, they are now saying we killed one of their animals, we assume they are referring to some chickens they have loose in a fenced in area due to lead exposure. many facets the customer is working on to get something out of us we presume. We have zero intention of trying to complete this project (6 windows of exterior trim and 1 window of interior trim remain), we really have no intentions in trying to collect a final payment from this customer either. happy to provide our contract agreement for your review, our contract is very iron clad. My current worry is what recourse does customer have being he ran us off his property before we could finish the job in total, and can we just call it a day and leave things where they currently stand. should we be preparing to file a lean and credit back the monetary value of the work we were not allowed to complete in the final invoice again we have no interest in trying to take this guy to court or collect the remaining $10,800 owed to the contract price I am prepared to site "abnormal site conditions"...Read More
Josh Everingham
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Can a judgment creditor lien a marijuana license in Colorado?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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We are a subcontractor in Colorado, we entered into a contract for $43K. The contract that was signed states that retainage will be 10%, however I thought that Colorado Limited this to 5%. The customer is stating that the subcontract agreement supersedes the law. Is this accurate?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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