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Do I need to send a Notice of Commencement on a short residential job in GA?

If I am directly contracted with the Property Owner on a residential job in GA that is only lasting 3-5 days, should I file the...

Is it legal to dissolve an LLC without all members approval/agreement?

One of the members of our LLC is not performing according to our verbal agreement. We had an operating agreement, which was not actually signed....

Can we file a mechanics lien on a property for materials ordered even if the work was never done. I don’t have a contract with the property owner, but i have an email stating they wanted to move forward.

Hi. We are a small business in Georgia and want to know if we have rights to file a mechanics lien on a private property....

I wish to file a simple lien in Gwinnett County, Georgia for $460. What are my cost and can I add in these fees to my recovery.

I am a land surveyor. The client informed me after the survey was completed that he wants to sale the land and that some day...

Can I put a lien on the house until I get paid

Did work for contractor so homeowners could sell the house now just not want to pay me

can i return a check from signing a lien waiver if the check has not been cashed

work was done but they are not paying the full amount but on the lien waiver it says paid in full.

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