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Can I place a lien on a property when Interior design services for furniture where given to owner without a contract? At least 20 design hours were used, I did go to their home to measure, as all sessions were made in good faith that they would purchase from me.

My boss who is not a designer, is the proprietor of the shop were I work. He rendered services accumulating over 20 billable hours, plus...

Can SIP Panels be installed over existing exterior rotten wood?

I bought ab old house that most exterior walls are pretty rotten. Can SIP panels be put over existing rotten wood and siding? Which would...

What are your charges for filing NTO and for filing liens?


I have registered a Lien, now how can you help me get paid¿?

I have registered the Lien. Obviously nothing has happened and our customer still hasn’t paid us. How can you help us now? Please advise.

How do I file a labor lien on a property?

The home owner hired us to paint the exterior and interior of his house just doing labor. We did the work and he did not...

Prior to a NOC expiring ?

As a general contractor, we have a project that is running over the expiry of the original NOC date. Is the suggested protocol to: 1....

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