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What are the other options to collecting money if we have missed the deadline to file a lien

We are a small start up company. We recently started having an issue with collecting payments on invoices. We started using level set as we...

After reading the FAQs, I’m afraid I’m as confused as ever! As a homeowner having a new roof installed, am I supposed to withhold 10% of the contract price for 30 days? My reading of the paperwork with the contractor is that I should do this in the event that a supplier is not paid. However, the Q&A on this page just muddy up the waters. Please answer in plain English and not legalise!

We are having a new roof installed on the house. Insurance is paying part and we are paying the deductible plus the upgrades not covered...

As a Subcontractor, once we have completed our Scope of Work, how soon can we file a Lien? Once the project is complete, aren’t all funds due within 30 days per the Prompt Payment Act?

Our contract is “pay-when-paid”, but when a job is complete, doesn’t everything become due and owing?

When filling out my Texas mechanics lien, do I really need to break out all of the work provided into months?

We are a subcontractor about to file a mechanics lien in Texas against a non-paying general contractor. In filling out the mechanic’s lien form, it...

How to handle Texas monthly notices if you invoice months before you ship?

As a material supplier, we often invoice months before we ship materials. For example, I have 3 unpaid invoices dated from January, but I didn’t...

I did work and bought parts for a friend’s car,still got the car,can I put a line on it till I get reimbursed

I did work on a friend’s car and bought parts he wants it back,am I intitiled to money I spent

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