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We had your office send out a preliminary notice for our client at the end of June. Our client was a demolition sub-subcontractor on the project. His last day on the project was in late April. When we had the notice of intent sent, it was our understanding that the project was ongoing. We have just learned that the contract under which our client was working was a contract for “Phase 1- Demolition” and that the contract had been filed and a notice of termination had been filed on May 10, 2019. The questions we have are: (1) does this preclude the filing of a lien because of timing; (2) if so, are we required to do anything further with regard to the notice of intent that was filed (i.e., does it have to be withdrawn (3) does it matter if our client was not informed of the filing of the notice of termination until July 18th?

We represent a demolition sub-subcontractor on a commercial project in Louisiana. See question for additional details.

How do I find out the date of substantial completion to determine my lien deadline? Retainage deadline?

We are usually finished out part of the job before the entire project is over. How do I know when the project is finished and...

what is the purpose of a preliminary notice and, if that was not filed, does it preclude the ability to file a mechanic lien?

Represent demolition contractor who is unpaid. They were contracted by a sub-subcontractor on a commercial job in New Orleans. Our folks began work in late...

We install fire installations and before we’re on a job our engineers work on the design, can use the date we start design work as the first date of labor and materials?

We install fire installations and before we’re on a job our engineers work on the design, can use the date we start design work as...

Does the “substantial completion of the entire work” apply to my job or the entire project?

We install fire installations and I would like to confirm if the “substantial completion of the entire work” applies to my job or the entire...

If a company hires my company to do work for a home owner. If the home owner pays the company the subbed my company, but we have not been paid yet whom do we file a lien against ? Or do we take it to small claims court ?

Have not received any payment from the company that subbed my company for the job.

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