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I was hired by a Colorado GC to install as specified in the plans provided by the architect (this included which specific products to install). There is an issue with the manufacture of the products themselves, but they were installed properly. I am being told that I have punch list items to complete because the products are not working correctly. The products are defective, but install was correct. The GC should have already received 3 draws on this project, but is saying they have not received any payment. There is a pay when paid clause in the contract. The project is in CO. Due to the corona virus, the site (it is a visual arts center owned by a university) is shut down so I couldn't do the punch list even if I wanted to. What steps do I need to take to preserve my lien rights? How can I send an NOI when they aren't even open?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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How many between the Notice to File a Lien and the actual Filing of the Lien- how many days...Read More
Anonymous Laborer
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FloridaLien DeadlinesNotice of Intent to Lien
I was an investor on a rehab project. The Owner on Title to the property to be rehabbed was also the Contractor. He never completed the job 4 years ago and was incarcerated shortly after only starting the rehab project(he has been in jail since). I was in litigation for 3 years on a Quiet Title Action on the property in order to gain Title. That case fell apart and was dismissed due to Lawyer Malpractice. I sued in Small Claims for a Judgement in order to obtain a Lien. I recently lost. I am trying to exhaust all possibilities in order to have a Lien placed on this property. ...Read More
Robert Bagnell
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I'm a sub contractor and we have a contractor withholding payments from September and October of this year. He is claiming for non-performance, but the work that was in those pay apps is completed. In addition, there are material charges for material and equipment that is on the site and installed. I received confirmation that the contractor has been paid through 10/31/2022. My understanding of the prompt payment act is that the contractor can withhold payment for unsatisfactorily performed work, but how far back does that go? Since our pay apps were approved for the months of September and October, isn't he required by law to pay us for the approved amounts? He has not provided any information that our pay apps were fully or partially denied, even though I have asked repeatedly. He continues to claim that we are not manning the job to his satisfaction, which is his opinion. He has not given us a substantial completion date. He continues with empty threats that the owner is unhappy but continues to provide any actual documentation proving this fact. Should I move forward with an intent to lien at this point? ...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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New JerseyNotice of Intent to LienPay ApplicationsPrompt Payment
is there a way to send out a final payment notice that's not a intent to lean ...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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KentuckyNotice of Intent to Lien
Subcontractor for a GC who come to find has no license and isn't registered (no address) to perform HVACR work on a job in Rumson, NJ. My company is fully licensed and insured. I am not being paid for the job completed 12/4/18. I was paid $10k, but am owed $7,800. Mechanics Lien is directed at the homeowner, regardless of GC. Should I send any forms as a forewarning before filing the mechanics lien?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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New JerseyMechanics LienNotice of Intent to Lien
We have completed our contract amount of 191,513.95 on a home damaged in Hurricane Michael The homeowner received 288,000.00 from insurance. The final inspection passed three weeks ago and the man assures us that the bank said the final funds of 78,000.00 of which 18,000 is to pay the public adjuster. will be available this week however he is indebted to us $125,198.00 and has not made a payment since September. Is there a form/contract that we can have him sign promising to pay the remaining amount due for materials and services performed?? I do not feel a lien would be beneficial since he resides in the home Please let me know what you suggest we do to protect our company from being underpaid such a large amount of money ...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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I have a property management company that did not compensate us(the general contractor) for our services, but at the time we did not know about 20-day notices. We are well past the deadline, but i was wondering if I can send a notice of intent to lien to possible urge them to pay their balance after we have requested for payment to no avail or to maybe get someone to get them to due their do diligence with out any real backlash legally on our end. We work in Arizona....Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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ArizonaNotice of Intent to Lien
So I worked for this company sence 11/23/2016, my first year I took a vacation I recently got fired for missing a few days. One of these days I was suspended for a week. One of the other days I was supposed to be on paid vacation. As well as Monday before. Which I never got paid for. So I am wanting to put a lien on one of his job sights for payment of vacation time. Another reason I want to put a lien on them is at begining of year I got all my DeWalt tools stole out of job trailer. They filed insurance claim. They got check for stuff that was stolen. Told me that I needed to produce a receipt. So I did. They said because it was out of a receipt book they wouldn't reimburse for it. The second time I recolected a bunch of tools. The trailer they were in burnt to the ground at job site. They first said I wouldn't need receipts for my stuff. Went back tried to get me to give them my receipt. Since they never gave me back my other receipt. I knew better than to give mine to them. They would find a reason not to pay me. Both times they got a insurance check. Never attempted to reimburse me for tools. Do I have the right to file lien on either cases. One for loss of wages. The other for reimbursement of tools lost at job sight. ...Read More
Anonymous Laborer
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ColoradoNotice of Intent to Lien
Under contract, my Contractor has failed to complete the job not only in a timely manner, but at all. He told me it would be completed by last Thanksgiving, 2021. Any correspondence results in a 2-3 week lapse in any further responses, always initiated by myself. Now my Homeowners Insurance is threatening to cancel for incomplete work. He has basically abandoned the project and the work that has been completed is shoddy at best. I was told by my insurance agent that I could put a lien on my contractors business. Is this correct and if so, where would I start? ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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I am a subcontractor that is currently working on a project that is upwards of $1 million. We have been on site for a little more than 3 months (started in August). Since we have a very good relationship with our GC, we usually do not have a lot of issues in getting paid. Although, since this is a big commercial project, we want to be protected the best we can be. We did not file a 20-day prelim notice before starting the job. Can I still file one? Or if we were to get into trouble with getting paid by our GC, can I still file a mechanic's lien even if I did not submit a prelim notice? What is your advise to be as best protected at this point in time and moving forward with this project since we will be on site for another 5 months. ...Read More
Genesis Barron
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ArizonaLien DeadlinesNotice of Intent to Lien
the job has not been fully invoiced yet can i send an intent to lien on the full cost of the job still ?...Read More
Esther Mesa
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CaliforniaNotice of Intent to Lien
Our company has not been paid in over 90 days for work performed and we would like to place a lien on a job. Is an intent to lien notice required first or can we move forward with filling the lien?...Read More
Troy Carter
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North CarolinaNotice of Intent to Lien
I have a Gentlemen saying he delivered stone materials to my job site after all personnel was gone for the day, he left no kind of tickets or receipts for this material because it was never delivered I did not hear from this gentleman until around 2 weeks later with nasty texts and calls threatening me, so he eventually came out to job I explained to him we did not get what he is claiming and we could prove it with simple calculations of measuring the trenches he flipped out when I said this and said he file a claim because he knew the head guy in the office of the state agency I was working for, I not sure if he filed a lien or just put in some kind of claim I have no contract with him not even an invoice with our company name all my other suppliers were paid off before i even recieved payment and they wont release my last payment is this legal to do file false claims and the public job holing my check?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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DelawareMechanics LienNotice of Intent to Lien
How would we go about the paperwork if the total job is $100,000 but we've only billed $50,000 so far? ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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GeorgiaNotice of Intent to Lien