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We have a contract with a gc on a private commercial building. I am having trouble collecting information on the owner to file our preliminary notice but our contract mentions a bond (I also have not been given information on the bond company) do I still need to file a preliminary notice? How do I go about getting the information I need? What if they don't give me the information within the 20 days of starting work?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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NevadaBonding Off LienMechanics LienPreliminary Notice
I am a contract a lien was submitted, long story short, he had hired a lawyer to remove the lien. the lawyer had a process on the court to draw the lien yesterday 1/15/2023, at 8:00 AM and I was notified the same day at 5:00 PM...Read More
Othoniel Garcia
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CaliforniaBonding Off Lien
I paid $48K for a Grand Manor roof to The Roofing Company. Roof looks good, however, head of employee brought trailer onto circular driveway and caused pavers to separate. Owner of company said he would send his own contractor to quote repairs. When he and I got quote back it was $26K. He called me and told me that it was "egregious" and would not pay it. He wanted to send others out for quotes and I refused and got my own. My quotes range from $35K to 3K. Fortunately, when his employee came for a final. check. I required that 3K be held back and that he delivers me a signed, notarized, contract adendum that 3K was held back as we could not agree to cost of repair. I was State Farm agent 42 yrs in Indianapolis and knew that roofers are not liable in some instances, however in this case he is due to fact that his employee failed to use 3/4 inch plywood or 1inch plastic sheets to protect pavers that were separated. I failed to have him release lien and now am faced with small claims court. I will first try with Better Business Bureau. Looking for any ideas you might have. Thanks, Jerry Ortner...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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FloridaBack ChargesBonding Off Lien
I have placed a Mechanic's lien on a property and was wondering how if at all i can protect my Lien from being bonded off. ...Read More
Dusan Vasic
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OhioBonding Off LienMechanics Lien
I received and lean for work done on a three level three unit apartment building and I live in one of the units the lien is an intent to lean it was sent registered mail but I never signed it because it was just put through the door. I did respond to the letter with the text to the contractor stating he sent me a bill a final bill and it did not show eight payments since last April. I am willing to pay the entire amount which dramatically exceeded the original budget due to construction problems such as plumbing and electrical that were not anticipated and four month delay in completing the project because of covid supply line delays. I cannot refinance this property that has significant equity with a lien. I don't even know if his payments would reconcile with my Banks payments. How could you assist me...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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PennsylvaniaBonding Off Lien
I was an investor on a rehab project. The Owner on Title to the property to be rehabbed was also the Contractor. He never completed the job 4 years ago and was incarcerated shortly after only starting the rehab project(he has been in jail since). I was in litigation for 3 years on a Quiet Title Action on the property in order to gain Title. That case fell apart and was dismissed due to Lawyer Malpractice. I sued in Small Claims for a Judgement in order to obtain a Lien. I recently lost. I am trying to exhaust all possibilities in order to have a Lien placed on this property. ...Read More
Robert Bagnell
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Hello forum members. Do you think it's worth it to start moving on your own? Or is it better to turn to professionals? I'm just about to move into a new apartment and I can't make up my mind....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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ArkansasBonding Off Lien
I did work under a agreement where I could get s amount of money of 55k and now the company who represents the property is refusing to accomplish before said agreement ...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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TexasBonding Off LienMechanics Lien
I am a GC that was hired on a Federal Public job. A contract was entered and I had filed the Millar act bonds in the beginning of the job. They were submitted to the CEO and secretary by registered mail and notary. A rental agreement was also made for the customer to pay additional rental fees. Since then the customer has defaulted on the contract and has been breached. A administration process was conducted by way of notary witness aging. All signature cards were returned and a certificate of non response was received. The affidavit of truth was also certified with the country and then a Apostille was filed in the state. The administration was concluded with a UCC 1 Notice of lien and the parties were served and invoiced. They currently are still binded in the contract with a daily fee for the rental and I am uncertain on how to proceed with the notice of lien and Millar act bonds that were sent registered mail and also entered on the collateral section. I tried opening a miscellaneous case in federal court to process a summary judgement where the case was converted to a summons and complaint. The lien notice does not have any controversy so I assume a summons and complaint is incorrect because of the default. I have a difficult time with moving the courts correctly. I am a self studying paralegal and also contract for my business trust. I am uncertain if I filed my bonds correctly and their customer refuses any contact. The equipment that is in the rental agreement has also been entered into the UCC 1. I know I can do a UCC 3 assignment of debt to the I%RS and treasury with the bonds. I have so many open doors for closure and just cant seem to seal it....Read More
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Anonymous Contractor
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AlaskaBonding Off Lien
We have recently filed our first lien through your service. GC responded that he will be binding lien tomorrow. We have all rights to believe our lien is valid and we have multiple proofs of account being well stated. Please advise what should be our next step. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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New YorkBonding Off LienForeclosureLawsuitMechanics Lien
Have you guys ever experienced bank card fraud? If I encounter one, how do I stand up to it? Or maybe the opposite can be prevented... ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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ArizonaBonding Off Lien
I am a surety broker and there is a chance one of our client's is going to have a Mechanic's Lien filed by a sub due to negligence of one of their subs that started a fire on a jobsite. Our client would be looking to bond off the Mechanic's lien and I was wondering if they need a Surety Bond for this and, if so, is there a particular format to follow. I have never a Lien situation in Indiana before, so this is new to me. Please advise and Thank you very much....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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IndianaBonding Off Lien
l'm a GC in Texas. I have a sub that was fired from a job for inability to perform the job. Given multiple chances to correct his mistakes but could not remedy his own mistakes. Now he has filed a pre-lien with us and the homeowner for $140,000 more than he was hired to complete. He never sent us an invoice, for the work he completed in which he was overpaid on per our contract already. He also hasn't sent us any details regarding his $140K Claim. His pre-lien notice is very vague. Question : Is a sub required to submit an invoice to the GC prior to making or filing a lien? Question 2: Would purchasing a surety bond for the homeowner prevent or "shield" the homeowner in event he files a frivolous lien? This would be during construction....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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TexasBonding Off Lien
What does bonding off a lien mean step by step? Can the sub still file a claim? ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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TexasBond ClaimsBonding Off Lien