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I filed a lien for non-payment against our contractor. His attorney ($25/hr) sent us a letter saying the lien was discharged by a lien removal bond. Is this possible and our rights removed?...Read More
Anonymous Sub-Subcontractor
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GeorgiaBonding Off Lien
I am a resident of Cobb County in Georgia and had a crooked contractor file a lien on my property. I contested it and he did nothing further and it expired October 14, 2020. January 15th I saw a pop-up on my online mortgage account that another lien was filed. After one has been filed and they did nothing in the 90 days, can they file another one? Thank you for your help!...Read More
Allyson Moyer
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GeorgiaBonding Off LienLien ReleasesMechanics Lien
Can I file a claim against my GC Liability Insurance and/or bond, if the work that my employee performed caused major property damage?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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IllinoisBond ClaimsBonding Off LienMechanics Lien
I'm being told a story and I can't understand how she thinks she can save the house. If I'm being told the truth, she claims she has 2 foreclosures. One is from her company they used their house as collateral. She says they called in loan. She also claims she is in foreclosure on her personal mortgage. From my understanding she owes 55 thousands on the mortgage and the business loan was a half a million. She is in forbearance. She says she's is getting it until March wich my understanding is it ends December all home covid programs end. We live in long Island NY. So how is this house savable and also it will be left to her only child . Won't her get the lien debt if the house is willed to him? Please help me know the truth as it affects my life in unimaginable ways. Thank you....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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New YorkBack ChargesBond ClaimsBonding Off LienCoronavirusForeclosureLien DeadlinesLien ForeclosureLien PriorityLien ReleasesNotice of TerminationStimulus
Contractor ruined my floors, walls, flooded the house, cut holes in the wrong spots in the tub insert. He was in my home May-July (he stated this job would take 3 days) we had no contract signed and was told to complete the job or he would be let go with no pay at all. Once he left you still could not use the shower. Now I see we have a mechanical lien on my house. What can I do? ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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OhioBonding Off LienLawsuitLien ForeclosureMechanics Lien
I was framing a house for a contractor and Big Sky the concrete for the job was supposed to be done in May and was not completed until December and still not 100% completed the contractor refused to let me go do another job so that I can stay fed pretty much can I file a lien on the property in the state of Montana without filing a preliminary notice or can I still file the preliminary notice now he kicked me off the job on December 15 for not being there but he had the excavators tearing up the whole job site and multiple guys were injured from climbing over the mounds of dirt and alsoWe’re unable to work due to Covid that we believe they got from the architects secretary who was tested positive for Covid and came to our job site, several times I was asked to drive up to the job site which is an hour and a half drive to unload materials majority of the time they were not even for framing and I am the framing contractor also I had put in 178 man hours with my lift and my guys assisting the concrete guys and I was asked to do so by the contractor and they refused to pay me for it all the materials for the job have never been there And all the take offs for materials were not there or incomplete also his secretary coming to the job site knowingly positive for Covid and while doing so one of my workers had also gotten Covid recently after and his major complaint was that guys were not on site and the reasoning is because of Covid and because he had our job site torn apart by the excavators and multiple times have my guys been injured trying to work over and around the excavators this job was supposed to be a summer job early summer and it wasBid for that end it is now the middle of winter and concrete has just barely been finished and I have lost all my major contracts because of this and the months that I make all my money what are all my things that I can make the bond amount for on this lein...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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MontanaBack ChargesBond ClaimsBonding Off Lien
I just received a release of Mechanics lien bond from the Contractor. Can someone advise what this means?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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GeorgiaBond ClaimsBonding Off LienCollectionsCredit ManagementLien Deadlines
What are the steps to file a 20-day notice(show cause)?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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FloridaBonding Off Lien
I filed liens through levelset. They bonded them to have them removed. What is the next step? Thanks, Jeff Bischoff...Read More
Anonymous Sub-Subcontractor
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GeorgiaBonding Off LienRecovery Options
The article you sent says there is more that needs to be done to protect our claim. What needs to be done?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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IllinoisBonding Off Lien
I have a woman who has done very little work on my house and is filing a mechanic's lien against my property. She does not have a contractor's license....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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South CarolinaBonding Off Lien
I am looking to be represented to fight a lien being placed on my residential property in massachusett....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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MassachusettsBonding Off Lien
I am a property owner and fired my GC and he in return filed a mechanics lien on my property. All the work that they had performed was paid in full, they stopped midway the project so the rest of the work scope was not done, therefore, not paid. He filed an initial lien for $130k, then amended the lien to $30k, and when I filed a complaint with the CSLB, he then filed a new lien of $130k. I want to sell this property asap but I am not sure of what I can do at this point to remove the lien. I have reached out to them in order to mediate and come to an agreement but they have not responded. I fired them in March, they filed the first lien right away, then amended it in July and placed in a new lien in August. What can I do in this case? ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaBonding Off LienMechanics Lien
We have a customer requesting a credit limit of roughly $26,000 and we are using ask for this jobsite information. But they gave us the bond information instead of the jobsite. ...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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TexasBond ClaimsBonding Off Lien
I am looking to bond over a mechanic's lien on a residential single family property in New York. The New York lien law seems vague on the process. What documents have to be served to the lienor after the bond is filed with the county clerk? What is the time frame for service? Lien law doesn't seem to require the filing an affidavit of service after the lienor is served, is that correct? It seems the bond isn't "effective" until the lienor is served? How would a title company know that the lienor was served? ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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New YorkBonding Off Lien