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For Retainage are you limited to the 90 day for Filing a Lien in Florida? We have a job that was Bonded and a Hud job that we've been told repeatedly that the owners and Hud had not signed off on for retainage to be released. We had personally changes in the office and were not sure when the project was actually approved for retainage billing. After several months of being given the run around from the GC about the status of the retainage we submitted a lien. Now we have been contacted from an Attorney of the Owners stating that we can't file this lien due to the time frame of when we were last on the project. However the project was not closed out until after 8 months of when we were on site and it was released to bill retainage. ...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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I put a lien on a property..I was asking in order for me to get paid can i get a bond off lien.....Read More
Chris Rodriguez
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IllinoisBonding Off Lien
Hello, We worked on a job in Virginia from 03/01/2021, and we delivered 6 containers, last one 05/20/2021. Client didn't pay for last container because of some issues, but was ordering small orders up till 10/07/2021. Client paid for small orders. We decided to Lien this project, because client is not paying debt from last container in May. Alter looking to Virginia Lien Laws, we saw that we can file a Lien for materials delivered within 150 days - that means our debt from May is not covered. We canceled last small order for client which one we had to deliver this month, so our last delivery date now is 10/07/2021 - if we would submit post work notice now, we are late by 15 days to do that. Could you please advice if we still have Lien rights even if we submit Post work notice now? And if we have Lien rights, can we file for amount owed from May? Please advice what should we do in this situation, as client said if we will file a Lien they will bond off that Lien ...Read More
Anonymous Material Supplier
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VirginiaBonding Off LienLien DeadlinesMechanics Lien
i have completed my work , and the general contractor did not paid me ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaBonding Off Lien
I was sub, billed the contractor, he didn't pay, my fine levelset team placed a lien or filed it on the sub division.Owner of property contacts me saying he paid contractor lien was filed. Illegally and for me to remove now or he's sueing..His atty sent us papers to remove the luen advice any...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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TexasBonding Off Lien
contractor filed mechanic's lien for payment and homeowner shows defective work performance. how does homeowner counter the bond...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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New YorkBonding Off Lien
We are a Low Voltage Contractor for Hotels. We took on a job in Virginia which had delays and many redo's which we were not allowed to issue Change Order's for and 1-week before were supposed to be complete the GC removed us from project with an outstanding balance due to us of around $30k. We issued a property lien which got bonded off and now received a letter from the GC demanding we pay for their overruns of $70k because they switched contractors 1-week before the due date. The total project contract was $118k and they are claiming overruns of $100k, not quite sure how that is possible. ...Read More
Dana Gundlach
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VirginiaBonding Off Lien
I am a mobile mechanic I had a Dodge 1500 delivered to my shop when task was complete I got paid by the insurance company but they took the deductible of $500 and also another payment for 300 where the insurance company paid the tow bill for the truck and the guy went spent the money they gave the money to the customer to pay it instead of paying the bill he went spent the money and they took that money out of my money also I had to put four new tires and a new battery on the truck when it was all over and done with the bill was $950 that is been 8 months ago they refused to pay the bill and have came with the police trying to get the truck and the police will not let him have it they told him to pay me and they will not pay me we have a court date on the 2nd of November what do I need to do...Read More
Amanda Minor
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KentuckyBonding Off Lien
Hello, I am a general contractor in California and I am in the process of entering into a contract with a customer for a tenant improvement project. The tenant has full plans and city building permit issued which wouldn't be issued without the property owners signature of allowance in our city. What do I do as far as protecting myself if the tenant decides not to pay me? Is the property owner responsible for the payment through mechanics lean laws if the tenant decides not to pay the contract? Thanks, Andrew ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaBonding Off LienCollections
I just received a claim of lien on my property. There are many things wrong with this. The lawn company was supposed to perform the work in March 2021 and never showed. A couple weeks into April we came home and the work was done, being generous lets say it was April 15 (most likely a few days before). I thought their communication sucked but the work was done. I called them numerous times between April and now asking for a bill or how to pay. I always got a voicemail never got response. I have never seen a bill or a phone call from them, totally willing to pay for the service but don't know how without a bill or address to mail a check etc. Their website just has phone number and email. Today I received the claim of lien. The claim of lien still doesn't tell me where to pay. I called and left a message again today. I then looked up rules and if I'm correct he would have had to complete the work on June 25th or later to be able to file this lien. Is it best to try and dispute this now or should I wait to see if he sues me? I'm beyond mad. I would have used him all summer but he was horrible. I'm literally paying a different law company weekly - only say that to reference the small couple hundred amount is not worth this darn headache....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Hello, I have a question about bonding off mechanic's lien in New York. From what I understand, the owner of the property or general contractor may opt to bonding off the lien and in order to do that a surety company should be retained, which charges premium for it's services. Is it possible for the contractor/property owner to deposit the bond amount directly to, say, the court without retaining surety company? Does the law allow to do that? Thank you....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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New YorkBonding Off Lien
1. LL- makes agreement to pay tenant 300k+ tenant allowance upon completion and close out including all final unconditionals from contractors and subs. 2. Tenant (my client) agrees and has paid me (GC) out %100 on the project 3. All suppliers and subs have been paid except one issue subcontractor. This subcontractor was in breach of contract and I had the kitchen equipemnt coming at the end of a week. He didn't have man power to provide to us. We issued him warnings in writing stating if he cannot provide any manpower to the job for the week I would hire another contractor to hang the hoods. This is all in our signed contract with him as well. He responded and acknowledged that simply stating "sorry, I won't have anyone out next week because I'm too busy". We hire another guy to hang the hoods. The following week our original hvac returned with men and completed the rest of the project. We backcharged him the 3600 spent to complete that portion with all the backup and proof of cost and payment. He pitched a fit about it and I agree to pay him for half which is more than generous anyways since he impacted our schedule as well. Now, he's been paid out but will not provide a final unconditional though I've hassled his office for it. More like a grudge match. This project has been done for 112 days so he is out of his lien rights but the LL will NOT accept anything short of a final unconditional from him to release the tenant allowance to my client who is now getting all frustrated with me. Can I file a payment bond somehow for the 1800 to give the LL showing that even if he tried to lien it would be covered? Can I file something with the county or contractors board stating he is past his lien rights and cannot file. Has to be something solid to get the LL satisfied to release the tenant allowance. ...Read More
Levi Gilkison
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"Subcontractor expressly waives and relinquishes all right to file or maintain any mechanic's lien, equitable lien or other lien against the Project or real property improved under this Subcontract or the building for any labor, services or materials furnished pursuant to this Subcontract or any claim for extras, change order work or increased costs arising from the Project. This waiver shall remain effective regardless of whether any dispute concerning payment or delay in the work arises between Subcontractor and Contractor and regardless of whether the Contractor should default under any of its obligations required by the Subco ntract. If Subcontractor or any of its subcontractors, or other persons perfonning Subcontract Wo rk pursuant to Subcontractor's direction, files any liens against the real property, Subcontractor shall be liable for any bond premium incurred to bond off the lien."...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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GeorgiaBonding Off LienMechanics Lien
I recently filed a lien against a contractor in Santa Rosa Ca. I understand that he plans to Bond around my lien. What does that mean and how does it affect my right to claim payment? What can I do in response?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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CaliforniaBonding Off Lien