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What happens when a Preliminary Lien expires but the job has not been completed?

We have several jobs that are not completed but our preliminary liens are expiring.

How do you bond around a lien in Montana? We are a general contractor that performed a job in Great Falls and one of our subs has filed a lien.

We are a general contractor located in Pennsylvania and did a project in Great Falls, MT. One of our subs filed a construction lien which...

Can child support services suspend your driver’s license when your employer failed to remit your child support payments? Aren’t employers legally required to remit payments?

Question is self explanatory. I’m in Montana.

I have 2 projects with the same parcel number for Montana can I send a master Pre-Lien

Job Name Roundup Branch Metal Replacement 2nd Job Name is Forsythe Branch Siding Replacement Property Number 23-1717-14-1-16-01-0000 Assessment Code 3543000000 County Musselshell Levy District 23-0605...

We are a heavy equipment rental company based out of Montana. we rented a Montana customer a Dozer that he took to Pennsylvania to work. He has gotten about 4 months behind on rent of $9,500 a month. He is not returning our called and i have heard rumors that he is going under. We have GPS on the maachine so have an idea where it is. My question is how do I proceed? Do I report it stolen? We have already served the prject owner an intent to lien

don’t know what to do first

Had an oral contract for a garage w door and now the construction guy is billing me additional 2000 for door and installation. His words were “buttoned up” for winter. Never picked out door which i would have if i was buying. Also price was 5000 over quote. He has notified of mechanics lien. Can i fight this

The guy never ever mentioned that we had to pay for garage door on garage he was bldg. For us. Why would we contract w...

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