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Notice of Intent vs. Demand Letter

We have a customer in Ohio that is past due. The lien period was used up while waiting on insurance to approve and provide adjustments....

Do you have a listing of the requirements for Preliminary Notices, Liens and foreclosure time limits like a timetable for all States?

We supply labor and are starting to work across the US I want to be prepared on what state needs what.

How do you foreclose on a mechanics lien

I filed a mechanics lien on a property and I want to foreclose to take ownership of property.

Can you place a lien on a property owned by the USA

We did floorcovering in a house that sits on USA property . Unable to reach person living in that home.

A QUESTION NO ATTORNEY HAS BEEN ABLE TO ANSWER IN 5 YEARS – STATE OF OHIO: Scenario: A contractor offers payment plans for customers in house. The contractor does not perform credit checks, and simply allows the customer to enter into a mutually agreed upon payment plan (installment contract). There is 0 interest being charged and 0 fees being charged. Typical payment plans are spread out over 60 months, which allow for low and convenient payments. Here is the question: CAN THE CONTRACTOR FILE A MECHANICS LIEN ON THE PROPERTY TO SECURE THEIR INTEREST, IF IT WAS MUTUALLY AGREED UPON PRIOR TO WORK BEGINNING. (Can this be looked upon as “SELLING A MORTGAGE” since an interest was taken in “real property” to secure repayment of a debt.) Additionally, can this mechanic’s lien be filed when the work is finished, even though payments haven’t began and there is no “breach of contract for non payment” at this stage in the agreement. (Can one argue that the mechanic’s lien is not valid because there was no default in payments since there was a payment plan agreement in place). Assuming no other violations of other consumer rights’ law have occurred, such as CONSUMER SALES PRACTICE ACT, TRUTH IN LENDING ACT, AND FAIR DEBT COLLECTION ACT, is a contractor allowed to use the mechanic’s lien statue to protect against potential defaults in payment?

We allow our customers to pay over time to help them bring much needed projects at affordable pricing terms, even though their credit situation may...

How do I serve an Ohio lien when the owner can’t be served?

I performed work on an Ohio project, but went unpaid. I ended up having to file a lien since the deadline was coming up. The...

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