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Do I file a lien on the property against the home owners or do I go after the GC bond? Can I do both? If so, should I?

We were hired on as an electrical subcontractor. On a remodel that was supposed to take 6 weeks but turned into a year. We had...

RE: Contractor may request that the retainage be reduced to the value of the work remaining uncompleted on the project. Retainage withheld from subcontractors cannot exceed 5%. If the contract is less than or equal to $35,000, the public entity and contractor can agree to withhold 50% of the contract price instead of requiring a bond.

Can you please guide me to where this law or statue.. is? So I can reference it when I show it to my boss? We...

I have a client who haven’t pay me the full amount of the job. What can I do?

Has been 85 days since I went for the last time to this job site.

Me and my boyfriend replaced some siding, primed & painted house, yard work for a lady who refuses to pay us in washington state. We are not licensed and her real estate agent said as long as we did work before her house was placed on market then we didn’t need to be licensed. We almost finished when owner told us to leave without payment. Can we file a mechanic lein? We didn’t get written contract as owner in Mississippi, but we do have texts from her stating she pay us. Thank you

We did 3/4 of work, plus many extras when we were told to leave her property. The owner refuses to pay or respond to our...

Do first-tier subcontractors need to send Notices of Right to Claim Lien in Washington?

Reading through the state legislative site, it appears that parties who are in contract with the prime contractor do not need to send Notices of...

WA state required notice

We are the prime contractor crushing gravel for a customer. The owner of the pit where we are working is also the owner of the...

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