This is the homepage for articles about licenses and licensing in construction. If you need help with licenses, read the articles below to learn how to use licenses to get paid, and get paid on time too.

When you factor in all the tight schedules, bidding, and large amounts of time and money that come with each construction project, licensing can seem like a roadblock that few have time for. However, we always advise contractors to get licensed, regardless of whether or not they’re performing work that requires one.

On top of protection from nonpayment, being licensed grants credibility to your trade, allows you to bid on almost every project that comes across your desk, and it shows other parties on the project that you know what you’re doing which improves working relationships.

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Working without a license in any state, on any type of construction project is typically a bad idea. Alabama, in particular, is very strict when it comes to unlicensed contract...

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