Pay Applications

This is the main page for articles about pay applications. Pay applications, or pay apps, are documents exchanged during the payment process on a construction project.

Although it may be helpful to think of pay applications as invoices, there’s actually quite a bit of difference between the two documents. Because construction projects are generally much more complicated than services in other industries, pay apps need to include much more information, meaning they’re more like packets rather than a single sheet with an amount due and a description of the service performed.

If can’t find the information you need in these articles, feel free to check out the Expert Center page for pay applications. There, you can browse questions that contractors have asked in the past, or you can ask a question for free. Construction attorneys and other payment professionals answer these questions to provide contractors with sound legal advice. Remember, with just a little research, you can learn how to use pay applications to get paid on a project in no time.

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