Is there a statute of limitations on a mechanics lien? I’m trying to protect a future buyer.

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I am selling a new construction house for a builder. The last vendor/subcontractor doing work or supplying materials for this property was January 2, 2020. Is it possible that someone could still file a mechanic’s lien? I need clarification of the timelines.

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You should be in the clear. The deadline to file a mechanics lien in the state of Oklahoma depends on the contractor’s role on the project.

For those who contracted directly with the property owner, the deadline to file is 4 months from the last date they furnished labor or materials to the project. As for all other claimants, the deadline is shortened to just 90 days from the last date of furnishing labor or materials to the project. Given that the last date work was performed on the project was back in January, the timeframe to file a lien for any contractor or vendor on the project has passed.

For more information see Oklahoma Mechanics Lien Overview & FAQs

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