How do I get my money back and my labor cost as the contracter is me as i was renting the shop but needed a work

2 days ago

I pay and my labor cost as i am a general contractor awesome as always license and business bonded. I have invested in a shop make a office space for work as i lease the building with the owner of the property as well as the material and my labor cost is about 65.000 bid for the work and Materials for construction of the building with kitchen for staff and business break room and rest area as in i have a 24 hours of work hours. I advertise my operation . With being my landlord hired me for the job and work. Then i was never payed for the cost of Materials and my labor cost and i rent the shop for my business to run out of . Per month payments to lease the property located. My lease is up and the work is done install last part of the office space flooring

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