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Matt is a New Orleans based attorney, originally hailing from Lake Charles, Louisiana. He graduated from Tulane University Law School in 2017 after focusing his studies in Business. Before enrolling at Tulane, Matt attended Louisiana State University where he graduated with a Bachelors of Science in 2013.
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Tennessee Enacts New Notice, Retainage, and Prompt Payment Rules

Last Updated on

Tennessee passed new legislation in June 2020 which made some pretty serious changes to the state’s construction payment laws, affecting rules for notices, retainage, and prompt payment. Perhaps most importantly,... Read more

Michigan Mechanics Liens Can’t Exceed the Contract Price

Published on

What amounts can be included in a Michigan mechanics lien? After an arbitrator overstepped their bounds, a court stepped in and decreased the lien. Read more

Do Oklahoma Staffing Companies Have Mechanics Lien Rights?

Last Updated on

A recent appellate court decision limits construction staffing companies’ mechanics lien rights in Oklahoma. Laborers may still file liens on their own. Read more

California General Contractor Fined $68,000 Under AB 1701

Last Updated on

When AB 1701 was passed in California, it shook up the state’s construction industry – for good reason. A GC was recently fined nearly $70k under the law. Read more

How Will California AB 5 and the Dynamex Decision Affect the Construction Industry?

Last Updated on

California AB 5 and the Dynamex decision have altered how employee classification will be determined, but the construction industry is mostly unaffected. Read more

Preliminary Notices Become Even More Crucial as Payment Bond Thresholds Rise

Published on

When payment bond thresholds rise, it’s even more important for subcontractors and suppliers to send preliminary notice and foster healthy payment chains. Read more

California Mechanics Lien Deadline | When Does the Clock Begin to Tick?

Published on

A recent case, Precision Framing Systems Inc. v. Henry Luzuriaga, may distort how the California mechanics lien deadline is calculated for subcontractors. Read more

Change Order Format Can Make or Break Mechanics Lien Claims

Published on

Because a supplier used a proper change order format, they were able to revive their Oregon mechanics lien from the dead. Read more

Illinois Introduces Retainage Laws and Caps Retention at 10%

Published on

Illinois introduced retainage laws by passing Senate Bill 1636. 10% retainage can be withheld for the first half of the project, and only 5% after that. Read more

New Legislation Allows Payment Bonds on Mississippi Private Projects

Published on

Mississippi subcontractors and suppliers take note: contractors on private projects can now use payment bonds to keep mechanics liens off of their projects. Read more

New Colorado Payment Bond Requirements Create Protections for P3’s

Published on

Recent legislation drastically changed the Colorado payment bond requirements. These bonds will now be required for P3 projects. Read more

Missouri Payment Bond Requirements Overhauled by New Legislation

Published on

The Missouri payment bond requirements were changed in a few major ways after SB 167 was recently passed. These changes are effective August 28, 2019. Read more

Alabama Pay if Paid Clauses Are Enforceable – Even by Sureties

Published on

Alabama pay if paid clauses are strong – the state has upheld them for all project types. Sureties can use these clauses to fend off bond claims, too. Read more

Joint Checks in California: Pay Attention to The Joint Check Agreement

Published on

Joint checks in California are bound by the joint check agreement in place. A recent case came to an interesting result, doubling down on that point. Read more

Tennessee Residential Contractors Must Now Continue Education

Published on

Tennessee contractors license renewal just gained one more step – continuing education requirements. Only some residential contractors must participate. Read more

New York Pay When Paid Clauses Have Their Limits

Published on

New York pay when paid clauses, like many other states, will only serve as a timing mechanism. Still, payment can’t be unreasonably delayed. Read more

Removing Louisiana Mechanics Liens Just Became Much Easier

Last Updated on

Among the many changes under HB 203, removing Louisiana mechanics liens that are improperly affecting the property title became much easier. Most changes under HB 203 aren’t effective until January... Read more

New Louisiana Mechanics Lien Deadlines | Not Much Changes

Last Updated on

Louisiana recently made changes to its mechanics lien laws (the “Private Works Act”), but the changes to mechanics lien deadlines were relatively minimal. Here’s a detailed look at the new... Read more

Louisiana Preliminary Notice Rule Updates – January 1, 2020

Last Updated on

The Louisiana preliminary notice rules will be shaken up quite a bit after January 1, 2020. These changes result from HB 203 amending the Private Works Act. Read more

Louisiana Mechanics Lien Rules Updated by Passing HB 203

Last Updated on

The Louisiana mechanics lien rules were just amended. There were plenty of changes covering everything from prelims, to lien priority, and even deadlines. Read more

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