Can I file a lien for work and material bought by me for a remodel without a contractor’s licens

2 weeks ago

I was helping my uncle who is the home owner with an agreement that if I remodeled the barn house he would pay me for my time and material I work and played for

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The state of Nevada does not require a written contract in order to file a mechanics lien. Furthermore, there is typically a preliminary notice requirement to secure lien rights. But, if the claimant was hired directly by the owner, then a preliminary notice is not needed.

A Nevada mechanics lien needs to be filed within 90 days of either completion of the project, or the last date of furnishing labor or materials to the project; whichever is later. However, if the owner files a Notice of Completion, then the claimant will only have 40 days from the filing of the notice to file their mechanics lien claim.

For more information: How to File a Nevada Mechanics Lien

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