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Great. I'm trying to figure out something. We're a concrete service business(Sub). We mainly estimate our projects with materials and concrete costs. However, we started a project where we only did the labor work and the contractor was responsible to pay for materials and concrete cost. However, those cost went on our account with our vendors for better pricing. The problem is that they have to invoice their investors and once they get a payment they release the checks to our vendors. However, they've paid a few outstanding invoices here and there. Now they're asking for an "unconditional waiver and release on a progress payment". Should I allow our vendors to send it out? From what I've read it seems like I shouldn't. However we've gotten paid for a portion of our work but again we only billed for labor, not the material as the agreement was that they would pay for it directly, and I'm not sure how this would apply now. ...Read More
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I am a business in Florida hired by property management and then tranferred over to the construction company contracted to do the rehab of these apartments. my crews ere up there 6-7 weeks and i have every bit of proof i need from emails, group texts, pics and videos. Theit only paying me roughly half of the invoices long story short and i need to file notice to lien on top of possible lawsuite from management company passing me off to this construction company without my consent or knowledge for payment . I have worked for this property management company for years across the state of florida thats why they called me to go up and help out and now their trying to say we didnt do a lot of the work we did in fact do and i have tons of proof . Ive sent to them, ive resoned with them and nothing. i need to send notice to management company and the owners. invoice was 88k ish and they have only paid around 42k ish...Read More
My company MS Electric, LLC licensed to perform electrical work in the state of Alabama. MS Electric, LLC also holds a subcontractors license. We completed a job Talladega Gyms and submitted to the general for final payment in order to finish paying our subcontractors and suppliers. Rather than pay my company the general contractor contacted a lawyer. One of my subcontractors and I were in a dispute over work performed. That subcontractor has subsequently filed bankruptcy. Meanwhile I’m making payments out of my personal account. Is It okay for them to do this?...Read More
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What are the steps to solve the delay and how will I communicate with my architect, engineer, authority and other authorities. ( prefer the steps/ procedures). Thanks Brian M...Read More
I have a general contractor refusing to provide the payment bond information after sending the request certified mail. what to do next? they owe my company roughly $250 K. ...Read More
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hi i am staying in goldcoast. my brother got job offer letter from dc constructions just to verify about that...Read More
We bought a house a couple of months ago and one of the things that was supposed to be repaired was the roof. The previous owner claimed she had the work done and provided receipts. Well the roof has not been repaired because when it rains around the edges of the house water is seeping through causing more damage than what was originally there. How can I proceed with this, should I contact a lawyer or do I have any remedies where this is concerned?...Read More
We done a metal roof and other work on a house and was wrote a post dated check and when it was the day to cash it we did and it came back insufficient Funds so the place I cashed the check is trying to press charges on me for it so i filed a lien and still no payment then I sent her the intent to foreclose and she still don’t want to make it right with the check cashing place so what is my next step...Read More
Our job was completed july 10th no payment was made after several attempts. We filed a mechanic lien on july 12th. Now its been 63 days since we have contacted client or received payment. What is my next step to get payment asap?...Read More
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Hey, I'm a high school student located New Zealand, Dunedin. I'm writing an accounts receivable report for a made up business which sells printed t-shirts on credit. I'm seeking help on what is credit policy, specifically in the benefits of having one, What objective are they trying to meet with a credit policy (if you don't know how to answer this one that's fine) and What are the consequences of not having a credit policy? Thank you for taking your time to read this. from Struggling high school student ...Read More
About half of our business walks in our store and requests same day equipment delivery. Our customers are mostly GCs. It looks like we have to send a NTO in order to secure full price lien rights. It also sounds like the owner must actually receive the notice before we furnish equipment. Is there anyway around this? Would posting an NTO in the job site board satisfy the requirement? ...Read More
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I sent all necessary documents to file lien how should i find legal representation to enforce the lien...Read More