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Subcontractor prompy payment

I am an electrical subcontractor working on an expansion of an ER dept. for a hospital in Boston. Overall contract for the project is approx....

Can we Lien a property after it has been sold or can we send a lien to the current owners?

One of the properties we sent an intent to lien to ended up selling their property. Is there anything we can do in this situation?...

was wondering how to tell the difference between a conditonal and non-conditional partial lien waiver

I am often required to sign lien waivers prior to getting paid by certain customers, but the lien waivers clearly say that I acknowledge and...

Please see below

This case is in MA. I hired a contractor W (S corp) to do the siding. The contractor W finished the job and I paid...

I have 3 ongoing roadway construction projects in the same city state of MA that have been late on may payments. What steps should I take in requesting interest for late payments?

I have (3) ongoing roadway construction projects 2017-present in the same city(ch.90 money) in the state of MA that have been late on many pay...

I took final electrical but the customer doesn’t pay what can I do ..?

I took final electrical and the inspection to sign pass for final . But the customer doesn’t pay what can I do .?

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