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Massachusetts Construction Legal Form FAQs

Massachusetts’s unique laws can make getting paid a challenge. These FAQ pages are a great place to learn the basics and continue your journey to becoming a payment hero.

Massachusetts lien &
payment FAQ’s

Recent questions and answers about Massachusetts payment

Do I need to file separate mechanic liens?

I work for a restoration company, in which we have two departments, mitigation and reconstruction. The home owner in question owes both departments. We billed the insurance company separately for work completed but the monies owed are under the same claim#. The money owed is ultimately paid...

Can a Lien stop New homeowners from moving in after home is built until my contract I completed on the house is paid?

I am a flooring company that installed, sanded and coated a 3,000 sq ft house. New construction, first contract was for install, second was for sanding and finishing the wood. I was paid full for first and only half for second contract. Work is completed, and homeowners...

I've sent an intent to lien to 9 vale Ave

After sending the intent to lien for the 2000. 2000 is a discounted price to what the client owes. We were in process of a change order when customer was agreeing in person only to renegotiate terms and accuse us of over charging her. The client has...

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