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Recent Questions & Answers About Georgia Paymant

Does Levelset pursue subcontractors?

I have a judgment against a subcontractor regarding an overpayment sent to them that was never returned in the amount of $3,200.00. Would Levelset be able to pursue the subcontractor per the judgment to collect payment?

How long can an employee wait to submit hours to their employer to get paid?

I have 6 employees and one of them never sends me their hours. It’s the most bizarre thing. I’ve had multiple meetings with them and nothing has changed. The most I’ve surmised is that they have been living off savings. I started to send them a base amount of money weekly since...

GA Collection

In order to enforce a mechanics lien in GA does the vendor have to run a 100 year title search and clear the liens before executing? This is the practice with regular judgments. Thank you,

Can we file a lien when we're unaware of the project address?

We've sold materials to builders/renovation companies who haven't paid us and have become unresponsive. We didn't provide labor and the materials were picked up, so we don't know where the materials were installed. Do we have lien rights or other recourse besides taking them to court? If we have lien rights, do...

Need assistance in identifying the type of "job" on the notice of intent to file form

I'm attempting to complete and file a notice of intent to file on Levelset's website and need to know what type of job to choose. I believe it is County - Government job, but I want to confirm this is correct. The project is a City of Atlanta job located at 878...

What You Need To Know About Construction Payment in Georgia

This page helps you find answers to all of your questions about construction payment in Georgia. Learn how documents such as pay applications, notices, contracts, lien waivers, mechanics liens, and more fit into Georgia’s construction payment process. Select a document to learn more about how it applies to construction projects in Georgia and to see your specific requirements.

It’s essential to exchange these documents when payments are flowing smoothly and when payment problems arise. These resources will help you navigate the payment process, increase visibility and communication, and avoid payment issues. But, if the need arises, they can also help you resolve payment problems and get paid what you earn.

If you need more information or can’t find the answer to a question, you can ask a licensed attorney for free and get a response fast.

Need help figuring out what document you need? Take a quick quiz and find out what the Georgia requirements say you need to send next.

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