With enough research, getting paid on construction projects in Georgia is a breeze. When compared to other states, construction law in Georgia is relatively straightforward while providing substantial payment protection to contractors, suppliers, and other construction professionals.

However, that doesn’t mean there’s no need to make sure you know the ins-and-outs of Georgia construction law. Ignorance is a sure-fire way to get burned with nonpayment when you least expect it. On this page, you can find articles about construction law and construction payment in Georgia. Browse the entries below to find topics such as mechanics liens, preliminary notices, lien waivers, bond claims, retainage, licensing, pay-if-paid clauses, contracts, notices of commencement, and much more. Levelset’s payment experts have also written handy guides to updates to Georgia construction law so you can stay up-to-date on the rules that affect your livelihood.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or you’d like more information on a topic, you can ask your question on the Expert Center page for Georgia for free. After you ask a question on the EC, a construction attorney will provide you with a response that helps you take the next step. If you’re looking for construction notices and documents for a project in Georgia, you can find them on the Construction Payment Resources page along with links to other helpful resources and guides.

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Construction contracts, and contracts, in general, contain all sorts of problem clauses and landmines shrouded in legal jargon. Signing a contract without understanding how certain clauses can affect your rights...

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