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Georgia Articles

Georgia Contractors License
by Jamie Spellerberg
Oct 05, 2018
Georgia Contractor Licensing Rules & Requirements
Is a license required for Georgia contractors? It's important to know whether your job requires a Georgia contractor's license. Without a license,...
Georgia Lien Law
by Matt Viator
Apr 30, 2019
Georgia Lien Law: The Difference Between “Notice to Contractor” and “Preliminary Notice of Lien Rights”
Georgia Lien Law provides two different preliminary notices: Notice to Contractor and Preliminary Notice of Lien Rights. This post will help to...

Recent posts on Georgia

by Alex Benarroche
Aug 30, 2019
Georgia Pay-If-Paid Clauses are Enforceable
by Wynton Yates
Jul 06, 2018
How to Make a Georgia Payment Bond Claim