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Arizona Articles

Mechanics Lien Arizona How to File an AZ Mechanics Lien
by Alex Benarroche
Jul 10, 2017
How to File an Arizona Mechanics Lien – A Step by Step Guide to Get You Paid
A step by step guide to filing a mechanics lien in Arizona | Mechanics liens are powerful tools to prompt payment for...
Arizona 20 Day Preliminary Notice
by Alex Benarroche
Apr 30, 2019
Ultimate Guide to Arizona’s 20-Day Preliminary Notice
First and foremost, preliminary notice provides the communication necessary to create a healthy project. These notices illuminate the payment chain and make...

Recent posts on Arizona

by Alex Benarroche
May 10, 2019
Do Arizona Lien Waivers Need to Be Notarized?
by Olivia Huppman
Apr 30, 2019
What is a Preliminary 20 Day Notice?
by Scott Wolfe Jr
Apr 30, 2019
Arizona’s 30% Preliminary Notice Rule