If you need help getting paid on construction projects in Washington, this is a great place to start. Below are our articles about construction payment in Washington state.

Washington isn’t considered the most difficult state when it comes to construction law; however, you still need to be well familiar with it in order to avoid hiccups when getting paid on construction projects. Our articles cover a broad range of topics that help you achieve that end. You’ll be able to find articles about mechanics liens, lien waiver, preliminary notices, retainage, bond claims, stop notices, prompt pay, lien foreclosure, as well as updates to construction law in Washington and other useful guides.

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Lastly, the Construction Payment Resources page for Washington compiles the notices and documents you’d need for just about any construction project. You can also find links to helpful guides and other useful information there.

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The practice of withholding retainage is a controversial topic. Owners want to incentivize the proper completion of the contract, while contractors and material suppliers are hungry for consistent cash flow....

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