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This is the main blog page for construction payment in Washington DC. Although Washington DC isn’t a state, it still has its own set of construction laws that regulate construction projects in the region like every other state. If you’re working in DC, it’s a good idea to refresh your understanding of these laws to help payment go smoother.

Since the term “construction payment” covers many topics, there are articles that cover many aspects of the construction industry in Washington DC. These topics include, mechanics liens, preliminary notices, lien waivers, the Davis-Bacon Act and the Miller Act, construction bonds, and more. You can also read the latest news and legal updates that relate to the DC construction industry as well.

Apart from our blog, we also offer insight through the Expert Center. The Expert Center is a question and answer page that contractors use to get advice from construction attorneys and payment professionals every day. You can either read the questions that have already been answered or ask your own questions to get an answer from an attorney for free.

Once you’re headed in the right direction, you can check out the Construction Payment Resources page for Washington DC. The Resources page compiles the important forms, documents, and notices that you need for a construction project in DC, as well as provides you with links to other helpful guides.

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