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If you’re unpaid on a construction project in Washington state, there is no better solution for you other than the mechanics lien instrument. Filing a mechanics lien is hands-down the most effective way to get your debt paid, but actually filing the lien claim can be very complex and detailed. In fact, it’s quite easy to make a mistake and completely ruin your claim.  That, of course, you don’t want to happen.

This morning, I published an article on the Avvo platform about the 3 most common Washington mechanics lien mistakes. While general resources about mechanics lien mistakes are great, you can’t beat a resource like this article that zeros in on mechanics liens in Washington particularly, and addresses the common errors folks make when filing these claims.

If you recall, Levelset is an Avvo affiliate, with the Avvo service build straight into our LienPilot system. Anyone who files a lien with us or uses our system can get free legal advice about mechanics lien from attorneys near their actual construction project.  We’ve also published Legal Guides on pretty frequently, such as the Staff Pick Guide:  Filing A Mechanics / Construction Lien in Washington State.

How To Avoid Making A Mechanics Lien Mistake?

Avoid Mechanics Lien Mistakes in WashingtonThe Common Mistakes Avvo Legal Guide does a pretty good job of identifying common mistakes folks make when filing a mechanics lien in Washington.  But, let’s ask an important question here – how do you avoid making these mistakes?

It’s tough to enumerate every mistake that can be made when filing a mechanics lien, and even tougher to write a guide that helps someone avoid making those mistakes.  They are common mistakes for a reason, after all.

In the past, I’ve highlighted a few things the lien claimant can avoid doing to reduce error:

The best way to avoid making a mechanics lien mistake, however, is to use a service like Levelset to file your Washington mechanics lien. Levelset has filed thousands of lien documents across the United States, and we have a particular affinity for the state of Washington.  Our founder spends his summers in Seattle, we have an office in Seattle and it was one of our first areas of operation.

Levelset has a smart online form that guides contractors and suppliers through all of the mechanics lien nuances. Instead of having to navigate the waters yourself to figure out what forms to file, what goes into the forms, and more, Levelset simply asks you simple easy-to-understand questions about your business and the construction project at issue.  You answer those questions, and our system prepares your lien claim and has it electronically recorded.

Ready to Lien Smart?  File a Washington Mechanics Lien today with Levelset , and avoid making a mistake that can cost you thousands.

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