Arizona Lien Digital Recording Program

If you need a mechanics lien recorded in Maricopa County and cannot make it to the main office in downtown Phoenix, Arizona or the Southeast office in Mesa, Arizona, there are electronic alternatives. Pursuant to ARS 11-461.C:

The recorder may accept a digitized image of a recordable instrument for recording if it is submitted by a title insurer or title insurance agent as defined in section 20-1562, by a state chartered or federally chartered bank insured by the federal deposit insurance corporation, by an active member of the state bar of Arizona, by an agency, branch or instrumentality of the federal government, a trusted submitter or by a governmental entity and the instrument from which the digitized image is taken conforms to all applicable laws relating to the recording of paper instruments.

The Maricopa County Recorder’s Office accepts and records documents in the following digital formats:

  • Digital Upload
  • Virtual Private Networking using Point-to-point Tunneling Protocol (VPN using PPTP)
  • eRecording Web Services
  • Recorder’s Digital Kiosks (Five locations: North Valley Regional Library, Fountain Hills Library, Queen Creek Branch Library, Northwest Regional Library, White Tank Branch Library)

Digital Upload

Deemed the easiest method of recording, digital document uploading in Maricopa County, Arizona is facilitated through a web application. The Recorder’s Office provides training webinars to explain how to name and upload files and answer any questions submitters may have.

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VPN using PPTP

This method is best suited for submitters uploading a high volume of documents, and the user must troubleshoot all network issues.


eRecordng is levelset ’s preferred method for filing mechanics lien documents in Maricopa County Arizona.  Electronic filing produces same-day turnaround, at least in terms of the lien being recorded.  Depending on the volume of recordings, however, there may a delay in retrieving the official recorded document.  After the document has been eRecorded, the recorder has a finalizing period during which the document is stamped, indexed, and made available for downloading. This period can be anywhere from one day to approximately a week in duration.

Recorder’s Digital Kiosks

The recording kiosks make for easy, same-day recording.  These recording kiosks are computer terminals equipped with touch screens, document scanning capabilities, credit card machines, and real-time assistance from operators in the main offices.
Keep in mind that mechanics liens submitted electronically must adhere not only to the Arizona Mechanics Lien Statutes, but they must also be in the appropriate image quality.  Maricopa County accepts PDF and TIFF Group 4 formats.  All documents, including attachments such as a copy of the preliminary twenty day notice and proof of delivery, and a copy of written contract, must not contain any shading, creases or pixelated text.

Arizona Mechanics Lien Law: Maricopa County Digital Recording Program
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Arizona Mechanics Lien Law: Maricopa County Digital Recording Program
If you require a mechanics lien recorded in Maricopa County and you can’t visit the main office in downtown Phoenix or Mesa, use electronic alternatives.
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