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Hello, We are condo owners in museum park. We hired a design company and their recommended contractor to renovate our bathroom. It is 6 months since demolition and we cannot complete the project due to a bad design, inaccurate measures etc. The original contractor has pulled out of the project completely and the design company does not want to take accountability or help fix the problem. We cannot afford to renovate the bathroom again. I do have the contract with the designers, the original contractor never provided us with a formal contract even though they told us he would. We don't want to spend money on lawsuits but If it is a way to reclaim losses and complete the project, we would be grateful. Thank you for your time Tatiana + Terry Doyle...Read More
Tatiana Doyle
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IllinoisConstruction ContractDesign Professional
The state of Indiana. I provided architectural services to a contractor for work at a residential home. The contractor paid me my $1,000 retainer. This project started in August of 2021. I provide preliminary sketches to the contractor. After modifications, we made final drawings which were provided to the contractor for use on Sept. 28, 2021. To date, I have not been paid the remaining $3,000 owed. I have sent multiple notices by email and text. I gave him an ultimatum of today (12/2). He says he has been paid but checks need to clear and is going to pay me tomorrow (12/3). I told him if it is not paid tomorrow I will take the next steps. I will file a lien on the homeowner's property. I have to go out to the property on Monday to take photos and check on the construction status, which will include me filing a field report with him and the owner. Do I have to file a pre-lien notice to the owner, contractor, both...or do I not have to file one and just go straight to filing a lien on the property?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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IndianaCollectionsDesign ProfessionalLien DeadlinesMechanics LienNotice of Intent to LienPreliminary NoticeSlow Payment
We provided consulting and design services for a project in California and we haven't gotten paid. Construction is about to get started. We've already filed a Notice of Intent to File a Lien. What is our next step? ...Read More
Anonymous Architect / Engineer
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CaliforniaDesign ProfessionalMechanics Lien
We have a client who has a number of small odd jobs on their home and really just wants an architect to review (maybe occasionally provide a drawing or sketch) and wants to hire us on an hourly basis. However, without defined scope, it is difficult to specify what construction documents or details will be provided and what we will be held responsible for. Any thoughts or suggestions?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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WashingtonDesign Professional
During the engineering phase the owner of the property sold the property without any advance warning. They owe us money for engineering services and reimbursables for City fees. 1. Should the lien be filed against the original owner and property? I have the new owners information. 2. In the attachments should I include the invoice for the amount due as well as a copy of our contract, or just the invoice?...Read More
Anthony Talebian
1 answerAdd commentSep 17, 2021
CaliforniaDesign Professional
Hi, I've purchased 80% of stock worth $80 from a construction company with the intense of to run the company and make some money. With a contract in hand and a promise from this person that to help me to get the ball rolling and will refund my money whenever i want to quit. Two years later Things didn't happen that way, and so i've returned the comp back to that person and took my name out of State board License and that like a year ago. Until now i didn't receive any money back from that person, i need to know what's the fastest way to request for it back ? Since this person keep telling that he has no money. Please advice...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaDesign ProfessionalLawsuitSlow Payment
I sell custom window treatments to people what is my legal attempt to collect when they don't want to pay....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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New YorkDesign ProfessionalNotice of Intent to Lien
We have two design-build contracts with a client for the same property, and in our contract there is a termination clause that states if the contract is terminated by the owner for their convenience it would be subject to a 30% termination fee of the remaining balance after the fees due for work executed have been paid. Days after one of the plans got approved, Client contacted us requesting termination and stating that the property had been sold. We can not find any information online and do not know if the property is in escrow or what stage it is in. On Saturday 9/4/21 we filed an expedited mechanics with Level Set. I have four questions: 1) Can termination fees be included in mechanic's liens? 2)The design-build contracts name our engineering company (DMR Team, Inc.) as the engineer and our construction company (Procon Builders, Inc.) as the contractor. I filed the entire amount due (work+termination fee) for both companies and both contracts under one lien. Is this correct? 3)Should we be filing a lien, injunction, both, or something else? There are also also mediation and arbitration clauses in both contracts. 4) Should we also provide client with a conditional lien waiver for the amount due?...Read More
Anonymous Architect / Engineer
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CaliforniaDesign ProfessionalMechanics LienRight to Lien
I'm a design consultant and project manager in Fort Lauderdale. We finished a project for a civic association board. As per our contract the balances due were to be paid upon completion. We completed a final punch list and a satisfactory final walkthrough. It has been over six months and we have not received payment despite our third billing invoice. I sent a notice of intent to lien via Levelset but that too was ignored though we received USPS notice of delivery more than 12 days ago. I would like to know what my next step would be to collect payment in the amount of $14.890.00 I understand that theft of services over $10K in the state of Florida is considered a crime. Should I proceed to file lien, or go directly to the police and file a report?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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FloridaDesign ProfessionalMechanics LienPreliminary Notice
The contractor is asking for a material that costs 4 times more than the other two materials that are suitable for the project. They have a spec that calls out for a geo fabric material but only one geo material will comply as the manufacturer holds the patent and no other manufacture can make at this time. There are two other manufactures that can provide a material with similar qualities. ...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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CaliforniaDesign Professional
I was hired by the owner not the contractor. My contract stipulates that I can collect the final payment when the client moves in. The project took forever and now they finally moved in. Can I file a preliminary mechanical lien or is it too late? Thank you...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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ArizonaDesign Professional
I am doing some research and read Dawn's article about construction delivery methods. As a follow-up, are you aware of any examples of architect-led DB projects in North Carolina, wherein the client or building owner is a public entity? ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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North CarolinaConstruction ContractDesign Professional
Planning on a construction project but I am not sure where/who can help me get preliminary drawing of site to show state my construction-project to get approval on project. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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HawaiiDesign Professional
Tom, as a (former) residential real estate developer, I realize that the question I am about to ask is difficult to answer without a lot more data. However, I am now in the food products business (would be a refrigerated food) and I need to build a Use Of Funds surrounding the building of a manufacturing plant. In general, can you suggest a cost per foot to build a manufacturing plant that would have all of the codes met for the processing of a food? Even a $200 per foot range is still fine (e.g. $400-600 per foot). ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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IndianaDesign ProfessionalSchedule of Values
Anonymous Subcontractor
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North CarolinaDesign ProfessionalLien DeadlinesMechanics Lien