With no signed contract, can an architect place a lien on the property?

4 days ago

Hello we selected an architect to design our house and provide floor plans. However, since initially working with the architect he has not provided any design feedback or helped us on designing. He has asked us to provide for him exactly what we want for him to draw. The contract for this project was sent via paypal to us and was not signed by either party at any point of the process. He never provided us via email the contract as well. The contract is laid out with payments through out the process (deposit, 50% of project when working on floor plans, 40% once plans are sent to engineering, 10% at construction documents). The contract does not have any clauses about cancelling the contract. We have paid him through deposit and 50% of project, however decided to go our separate ways prior to the 3rd installment. He is now requesting we pay him the 3rd installment even though plans were not ready to be sent to engineering and did not include all the changes we were asking. He is stating because a plan was ready for engineering that he wants to get paid before making changes. He is now threatening to put a lien on the real estate, can he do that?

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Project Role: Owner
Project Type: Residential
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