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We have a project that is getting near its ending with many issues. Trying to get of COO but too many issues at the end to simply ignore and want guidance on finessing this....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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FloridaConstruction ContractDefectsDesign ProfessionalNotice of Completion
We had a fiberglass pool installed in 2019. Since then , we have had multiple problems of leaking water, cracks and bubbles. Our contractor tried to repair (very pieces together)but the pool is worse off now with shoddy paint job, fiberglass is cracking again, uneven fiberglass, and the pool is unlevel and still leaking. Contractor has said multiple times and dates he will come to look at it but never shows up. Is this something we need a lawyer for? ...Read More
Jessica Breaux
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We moved here from Ohio last fall. We hired a company to put in new floors, cover the ceilings, apply wall paper, paint the cabinets, and paint the walls. The contract was for 24k. At the last minute, they added 5k to the bill. The cabinets were never repaired and they actually caused more damage to the home than anything. I refused to pay the last added $3k due to not agreeing to this addition as well as the work not being complete either way. They filed a lien with blatantly false information. They filed the lien against me and did not include my fiancé who owns the home. They also never gave required lien statement nor a change order. To top it off, we later found out one of the contractors was a registered sex offender and we have children. They were way behind and actually had my entire family confined to one bedroom so we had to spend weeks in a hotel. They now filed this false lien and we will have to spend money just to protect ourselves. The work is still not even completed. What is completed is horrible craftsmanship. We are new to the state and just not used to contractors being allowed to do this type thing. What should we do? ...Read More
Keith Kuhn
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MissouriChange OrdersConstruction ContractDefectsMechanics LienPayment DisputesRight to Lien
The contract was not honest , he treat me on the contract, I was thinking I’m safe because that company will be paid by the government financing program, but I was wrong. They forged my signature, the job was not good, anyway I want to pay to get off that night mare , but the contractor refuse to received the amount we have on the contract , because he said he can make more money if put a lien in my house ....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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FloridaDefectsLien Foreclosure
Contractor made a major mistake when the employee did not follow the manufacturers instructions installing HardieBacker in a walk-in shower. There is an ongoing dispute and contractor refuses to go to mediation as required in the contract. Contract is not yet paid in full. Can the owner terminate the contract and hire another contractor to do the job?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaConstruction ContractDefectsPayment DisputesSubstantial Completion
I am a General Contractor working on a construction job for a customer in Falkner MS. In March of 2021 I contracted America First Steel dba All American Steel Building to design and provide the pre engineered building kit. The building kit was delivered November of 2021, paid in full. Once we erected the main structure supporting columns we started to install the metal wall panels and noticed they were not lining up with the wainscoting. We immediately contacted America First Steel and were told to “manipulate the panels”, which is 100% not the correct way to fix a huge alignment issue. We then found out the manufacturer was Metal Sales Mfg, we contacted them directly since AFS was not helping. Metal Sales sent out Ron Gaitlin which is their TSM to do an inspection on site and write a report. While on site, Ron Gaitlin told us this is obviously a manufacturing error. To date we have not had this resolved and construction has been halted for over a month while waiting for their “internal investigation.” I have all supporting documents and recordings. Building was paid for in full. ...Read More
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My Contractor has abandoned my new residential home construction project. As a residential home Construction Customer, with an extended Construction Loan, my Bank is in New Mexico, and my new home is in Georgia. The Bank states an Attorney can help me comply with Georgia's process of replacing the ex-Contractor on this project. What are all the steps required to replace him? Is an Attorney required to replace him?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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GeorgiaBack ChargesConstruction ContractDefectsLien DeadlinesLien ReleasesLien WaiversMechanics LienNotice of CommencementNotice of CompletionNotice of Intent to LienNotice of TerminationRight to Lien
I have been in my newly built house for 2 years. I have had a problem with my furnace since day one. The home builder's HVAC sub-contractor has not been able to fix the problem after 4 visits. I have a background in HVAC and am convinced that this is a design problem that is going to cost the builder a significant amount of money and they don't want to pay to have it repaired. I think they are waiting for me to give up the effort of having them repair the system properly. What would my first step be to pursue legal action for resolution? Thanks, Mike...Read More
Michael Eanes
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VirginiaConstruction ContractDefects
Good morning- I am the owner of a property in Santa fe NM where a unlicensed contractor worked on a large (4' x 8') shower renovation project that had a hard deadline of 2/18. The shower has non-functioning defective slope so that neither of the two shower head's water reach the 36" linear drain. It cannot be used and needs corrective work to make functional ( estimated cost is $5100 to redo). I have held back $900 of the final payment to apply to the corrective work ( to be done by a licensed shower tiler). He is threatening to put a mechanics lien on my property for the $900. Can a lien be enforced for defective work that requires significantly more $$ to remedy? Thank you for your time and response. Sheila Plunkett 612-669-7828...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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New MexicoDefects
Hires me to come and do all finish work and once I got there to work I started finding his work was the worst I’ve seen in 10+years. I refused to roof it in its condition. I explained to home owner how it should be done and he had lied to them from day one. First but saying material coast was 25,000 on two rooms one 8/20 and other 12/20. Now home owner wants him to leave and I to tear it down and start over. But me and her is both in a contract with him he also adds to my contract after I sign it. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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GeorgiaConstruction AccountingConstruction ContractDefects
We are currently building a multifamily building in Southern California that is 2 stories of wood frame over concrete foundation and podium. We have engaged with a General Contractor to subcontract the frame and concrete work at the project. For the sake of clarity lets call this GC as GC 1. GC 1 has engaged with another company to perform the concrete and frame work, later on we found out that the company that GC 1 has engaged with also holds a General B license, which makes the company a general contractor. So lets call this company GC 2. So GC 1 has contracted GC 2 to perform the work and GC 2 has used its employees in its payroll to perform the work. GC 2 does not hold a C5 or C8 license. Does this mean that the company GC1 hired as a subcontractor (which is GC 2), does not have the proper licensing since they executed the job as a subcontract? The crew that GC 2 would pour concrete and then the same crew would switch their tools and work as framers. The quality of the work has caused problems such as problems with drywall not being level, windows not being level, water leak through concrete, additional stucco work to cover the concrete that was not properly formed are just a couple that comes to my mind. What is the best way to recoup some of the damages that were caused by GC 2 due to performing a trade without C5 or C8 license? And what kind of action can we take against the GC1 which has subcontracted this work to GC 2 knowing that the only license they have was a General B License?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaChange OrdersConstruction ContractDefectsLicenses
We had work done on our home included pouring concrete in the backyard and all around the home. The concrete was poured up to the stucco and has buried the weep screed. Recently we discovered moisture intrusion causing mold. We have been told we need to pull out our flooring, among other things. Also the problem needs to be fixed. We had a plumber, a leak detection company, and a home inspector come out. We have no pressurized leaks. It has been a week since I reached out to the contractor. I sent him documentation three days ago. After not really too much response, he said he would fully review documents two days from now- and be in contact afterward....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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I did a high-end glass tile install on a spa in Brentwood TN (suburb of Nashville). I gave HO instructions on running the nearly black glass infinity edge. They were told (and recall it) that the edge was to be running (flowing over) if it was above 70 degrees and sunny or warmer to keep the tile cool and avoid excessive thermal cycling. They set the edge to turn on at 5pm daily for the first summer and the tile tented at the properly installed expansion joints. (I put them twice as close together as required by TCNA EJ 171 would require as the install was in direct sunlight and almost black. The customer wants it fixed and the husband has voiced that he understood that it was improperly run and knows that is why it failed. His wife however has a totally different opinion and has tried to get litigious. They have brought every top expert in the industry using NDAs to keep me unaware and their best efforts to find fault with me have failed. Now that they have learned the truth about why it failed and have been told that my install was probably as good or better than any of them could have done, they want me to fix it and pay me. I want to protect myself from any litigation and potential failure to pay before I agree to do anything. A hold harmless agreement at the very least. Can you help me contract and write "hold harmless agreement" for such a sensitive project? What I need is an outline of the documents needed to proceed and successfully complete this repair job estimated including all materials and expenses at 60k....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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TennesseeConstruction ContractDefects
I am having a house built in Canby Oregon and they placed the sewer cleanout trap in my livingroom I have legal recourse?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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How can I remove a claim lien of my house when the company never do any work in my house. They just sent my a claim of lien. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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