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Lets say I was hired to do about 20 small jobs in another state .My pay was based on a per job basis .When i start the project it turns out the none of these jobs were surveyed properly so i end up having to drive to these jobs and more only to find out that the entire week was a waste. As a contractor am i able to charge for showing up to every site and for the time traveling from site to site ?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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OhioBack ChargesChange OrdersPay ApplicationsPayment Disputes
What is the procedure in brief for requesting change orders...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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AlabamaChange OrdersConstruction Contract
I'm a subcontractor on a project and was directed to proceed with a change order but have not received payment. The GC I work for is going to file a lien but I'm at the point where I need to perfect my lien. It's imperative that I do as they are holding the monies for the change order as well as retention. About $175,000 total....Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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CaliforniaChange Orders
Hi, I am looking to o a partial termination or deduction of order on one contract. Our contract has no termination cause and am hoping we can get someone to quickly help us out to get the contractor off. He’s done about 90% of the work, but we don’t want him to any other work. We have final inspections and have already paid him most for the job. We want him to stop working on the rest of the work. I have to bring in someone to do the final fixtures, redo some of the tiling, and clean up. Hoping to get some help with the contract....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaChange OrdersNotice of Termination
Can retentions be withheld on change orders? ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaChange OrdersPay Applications
In California once a lien is filed on a property I have 90 days "after" recording the lien to file an action. So I have read it on several legal & law sites. It is my understanding that the day has 24 hours, typically counted midnight to midnight. It is also my understanding that "after" in the English language means, after that day of the filing and thus aforementioned day is not included. Otherwise it would not, could not be 90 days. It would be only 89 days. As a fictitious example: if I register a lien at 3:55 PM at the recorder's office there's nothing thereafter I can do on that day as all government offices close at 4 PM. If hypothetically there would be a government office that operates 24/7 and I record the lien at 11:55 p.m. I would effectively have only 89 days and 5 minutes. A lien was recorded at the recorder's office on August 1, 2018 (no time stamp). An action was filed, after the fruitless settlement offers, on October 31, 2018 10:51 AM My action was filed and deemed [suspiciously] on the 91st day after a few month long fruitless attempts to settle and work out the payment issues with the client. Also, between August 1 and October 31 is at least one official government high holiday; Labor Day. Everywhere else and everything else I looked up in this state or other states it appears that government holidays do not count as well as counting begins after the filing day for obvious rational and correct reasons. So what is the jurisprudence and truth in California in all this? With kind regards, Rob ...Read More
Robert Dorner
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Anonymous General Contractor
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FloridaBack ChargesChange OrdersConstruction ContractRight to Lien
We signed a contract to install doors and hardware. But now they want us to install temporary doors not the originals from the contract. So basically a change order. But have not received a changer order signed. So no they want us to install the doors as per contract even if they are temporary ones. ...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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TexasChange Orders
Hello. I agreed to paint two sides of a house and the home owner made up a contract for the work that I was doing. And after I approved the contract he decided he wanted to change the colors up. Then preceded to take a small portion of the work off. And now he is trying to change his mind yet again. Is he breaching the contract. He is also harassing me by send me like 50 texts a day threatening me with the police and court. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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FloridaChange Orders
We are a subcontractor on a large industrial project. The last day we were on site was at the end of May 2021, however, we did not receive a final change order until 08/10/21. We billed the job 100% including retainage when we received the change. I added the end date on the project as 05/30/21 when we received the change order and the notice of lien is due 08/30/21. There are no outstanding unpaid invoices on this job except for the 100% bill and retainage sent last week. Are we able to use the date we received the change order as the end date on the project? Should we file a lien notice on the due date of 8/30 given the only invoices unpaid are 3 weeks old?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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FloridaChange OrdersLien DeadlinesNotice of Intent to Lien
We hired a general contractor for a siding job. He is not listed through the BBB. In the original contract it only stipulates the removal and replacement of the siding, fascia, soffit, gutters and garage door frame. There is nothing listed about change orders. Now he is coming to us with these changes that he completed and is expecting payment. All he gave us was an invoice and never discussed cost or how he would handle a change if it came up. What do we do?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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OhioChange Orders
Did not file an intent to file lien when job started just completed job about 3 weeks ago. Job is in Georgia. Appears that the GC did not file the commencement notice. Do I still have lien rights? also we were supposed to wire a generator as a change order GC ha decided to use a different company for this job, in my thoughts this should void the 1 year warranty. is this correct?...Read More
mark durham
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GeorgiaChange Orders
I hired a GC who specialized in repairing fire damage homes. The original scope of the job was to fix a drainage pipe under the concrete slab. Since then the kitchen had to be torn out and tile floors removed etc... since there was going to be a delay on cabinets i asked if they could work ln the bathrooms. essentially turning into a whole house remodel. My issue is that the GC has asked for payment after completing maybe 30% of the actual work mostly demo and refilling the concrete slab and prepping it for vinyl flooring. My issue with this GC is the amount of time it has taken to complete jobs and tasks and do good work. I have found his workers lazy and did shoddy job on the tile shower and now i find that they didnt prep the floor properly where they cut the concrete. so the floors need to be redone. problem is they already put cabinets down. I want them to redo everything they didnt do right. now this will delay the project further and im just afraid they will do more shoddy work since we arent even finished yet. I have already paid this GC 16k to show him i can pay him. Hes asked for more payment but I have refused it until all jobs are completed and inspected that everything is done properly. After 3 months of watching how lazy and time wasting they are only to do a shoddy job with tiles not to mention the countless mistakes with water pipes etc... im now ready to find a new company.... what are my options besides asking him to redo the work?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaChange OrdersConstruction ContractNotice of Termination
After sending the intent to lien for the 2000. 2000 is a discounted price to what the client owes. We were in process of a change order when customer was agreeing in person only to renegotiate terms and accuse us of over charging her. The client has not paid even after receiving the intent to lien. How to move forward in collecting the money owed?...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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