what is the performance of a mechainic

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what is the performance of a mechanic

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I’m a little unsure of what you are specifically asking without more context. But I assume you are referring to what type of work or performance grants mechanics lien protection in Vermont.

Vermont offers a wide scope of mechanics lien protection. The parties and type of work covered by mechanics liens is regulated by 9 V.S.A. §1921. This states that “When a contract or agreement is made, whether in writing or not, for erecting, repairing, moving, or altering improvements to real property or furnishing labor or materials therefor, the person… shall have a lien on such improvements and the lot of land.”

This is broad protection for anyone who provided labor or materials to a construction project, regardless of which tier they contracted (i.e. subs, sub-subs, suppliers to subs, etc.). The only thing that’s unclear is whether design professionals such as architects or engineers have lien rights.

For more resources, you can download our free How to File a Mechanics Lien in Vermont Guide

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