We are a zlien customer. This is regarding the Mechanics Lien placed on Turnberry Isle Orchid Tower.

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Matt Viator

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I'm sorry to hear that you've had to file a lien here - no one should have to scratch and claw just to be paid what they've earned. Regarding mechanics liens and property sale - when a mechanics lien is secured prior to the sale of property, the sale of the property afterward will should have little or no effect on the mechanics lien itself. As mentioned above, when a mechanics lien is filed, it is filed against the property - not any individual or company. So, if the property is sold, the mechanics lien will generally remain attached to the property when a buyer takes hold of the property through a sale. Of course, in the event that a liened property is sold, it would probably be prudent to make sure the new property owner is fully aware of the filed lien claim and to explain that the lien filing arose due to the prior owner's failure to make sure everyone was paid for work performed. By doing so, it might be possible to put extra pressure on the previous owner (and/or their contractor) to make sure payment is made.

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