Can you file a lien without contact?

7 months ago

The windows company replace my bath room without the contact and lies over the replacement price? They are try to file a lien on my house, what is my consumer right ?

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Generally, a written contract is not required for a claimant to file an Illinois mechanics lien. However, certain types of projects have rules and requirements outside of those set forth by the general mechanics lien law.

In Illinois, a contractor must provide a homeowner with a “Home Repair: Know Your Consumer Rights” pamphlet prior to entering into a contract for home improvement or repair for more than $1,000. Additionally, if the work is for more than $1,000 a written contract is required.

While the contract should set forth the procedure for any change order or modifications to the contract, the Illinois mechanics lien law does require that a change order be in wiring to be enforceable or considered as part of the lien-able amount.

In addition to contesting a mechanics lien, a homeowner who has been harmed by deceptive or unfair practices may be able to pursue damages through the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act.

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