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South Dakota Notice of Intent to Lien Form

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Notice of Intent to Lien Form

About South Dakota Notice of Intent to Lien Form

This Notice of Intent to Lien form can be downloaded and used to help speed up payment on a construction project in sd.

Even though sending a Notice of Intent to Lien is an optional (not required) step in the state of sd, they are frequently successful at producing payment (without having to take the next step of filing a lien). If a party is refusing to pay your claim or ignoring your phone calls, sending a Notice of Intent to Lien to that party, the prime contractor and/or the property owner can let them know you’re serious about collecting and prioritize your payment. No one wants to be forced to file a mechanics lien, and this document gives all of the parties involved one final chance to take care of the payment issues on a project.

This form advises the party that a lien will be filed if payment is not received within 10 days.

Since this is a non required document, you can deliver it electronically, or via mail. Sendinging documents via certified mail always adds another layer of professionalism to your payment practices.

By completing the form on the right you can download a free South Dakota Notice of Intent to Lien Form template that can be filled out with a PDF editor or by hand after printing. You can also use our Levelset document builder to send this document electronically for free. Use this template to easily deliver your notice of intent to lien document and get paid in the state of sd.

South Dakota Notice of Intent to Lien Form

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mechanics lien county recorder e-filing.

South Dakota County Recorders

Looking to file/record a mechanics lien in South Dakota? You'll need to get your South Dakota mechanics lien filed and recorded with the county recorder in the county where the construction project is located. Here is a listing of all county recorders in South Dakota. Click on any county to find more information about how to get your lien recorded in that county.

ABERDEEN, South Dakota, 57401
phone: (605) 626-7140

Register of Deeds
200 East 4th Ave.
Mitchell, South Dakota, 57301
phone: (605) 995-8616

Turner County Register of Deeds
400 S Main
Parker, South Dakota, 57053
phone: (605) 297-3443

Register of Deeds
4304 4th Avenue
Selby, South Dakota, 57472
phone: (605) 649-7057

Yankton County Register of Deeds
321 W. Third St., Suite 205
Yankton, South Dakota, 57078
phone: (605) 260-4400, Ext 5

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