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How can I file a intent to lean notice in MO?

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Construction was done on a commercial property, company that we sub trough is filling bankruptcy and complete construction went un paid till date. A second company purchase all assets from GC we contract and they tried to buy all pending PO pennies on the dollar we counter but was decline as they are negotiating. At this point we would like to lien the property for work that was done as we have time and money invested but I'm getting a notice in level set that need to file a (Notice of intent to lien) but level set cant do it, any info how to move forward will be highly appreciate it.

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Apr 17, 2023

Please let me know the last day you performed work on the job site, and please send me your contact information and I will either reach out or have a colleague reach out regarding filing the notice of intent.

Was this work performed under an AIA contract?

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