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Can you lien a city owned project?

Doing a job for a contractor. The job is for a city. No problems just want to know for future if you can lien a...

Can I as an employee file to put a lien on a property I did work on but haven’t received a paycheck.

I worked for a construction company and I haven’t been paid at all.

Does Levelset have options for equipment rental companies on oil & gas pipeline jobs in North Dakota?

I was with you guys before and you didn’t have anything to at that time. You mentioned you were working on it. What options are...

We are a general contractor working in retail stores. When we are required to summit a notice to lien or the copy of the lien to the own, would it be going to the mall address or the company owning the mall? Yes copies are being sent to the “tenant” which is our client.

Large companies or trusts own the malls. We perform work for one of the stores in the mall. The tenant is our client by not...

Is it required for the general contractor to provide a copy of the bond claim?

I am the material supplier for a public job. I was not given a copy of the actual bond claim. Is it required for the...

Need to know how we can get the escrow company to release our funds?

We had a mechanics lien put on a property we did work on in 2016. We never received funds or heard from the builder until...

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