Need help getting paid on construction projects in Montana? When you’re faced with nonpayment after a construction project, recovering funds can be an intimidating process. However, with enough time and research, you’ll find it gets simpler and easier.

This is the homepage for articles about construction payment in Montana. Here, you can find articles about mechanics liens, preliminary notices, lien waivers, cessation of labor, and more. There are also articles about legal updates to construction law in Montana as well as relevant construction news stories. This is because forming a good payment game plan for each construction project involves staying on top of the latest developments, allowing you to avoid common mistakes and incorporate best practices or new methods into your regular payment routine.

If we haven’t written about the problem you’re facing, you can pay a visit to the Expert Center page for Montana for guidance. At the Expert Center, contractors ask questions to get answers from construction attorneys who are familiar with construction law in Montana. Either browse the already asked questions or ask your own, free of charge.

Once you know which direction you need to go in, check out the Construction Payment Resources page for Montana to find templates for notices, forms, and documents that you need for most construction projects.

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