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Credit managers have a big job: They’re responsible for getting their companies paid and mitigating financial risk. However, time-consuming busywork like data entry, staying up-to-date with laws and regulations, and juggling paperwork can take time away from their core responsibilities. 

Luckily, countless credit managers working in the construction industry have found success automating previously time-consuming tasks with Levelset’s lien rights management software and Scout job research. No longer are they tied to stress-inducing, manual input methods — they’re now able to quickly get accurate data, automatically create and send preliminary notices, easily track deadlines, efficiently research jobs, and much more. 

Read on to discover how credit managers use Levelset to automate their lien rights and risk management processes in order to keep their companies secure and reduce their workload. 

Waste Connections: Waste Management Company Based in the Pacific Northwest

Regional Credit and Collections Manager Ayla Gokturk

Ayla has been a credit manager in the construction industry for over 30 years, and she knows the struggle of juggling payment-related tasks for high volumes of customers all too well. Ayla is in charge of managing job accounts in 10 different states, meaning she must monitor receivables for all of Waste Connection’s west coast customers.

Previously, they used a service provider to create and send preliminary notices, but because the process was manual, she still had to search for information needed to create the documents, manually track notices and payments, and do job research herself. This led to missed opportunities to send out notices, higher risk, payment-chasing, and stress, so they decided to level up.

With Levelset, Ayla has been able to leave the busywork behind and focus on duties that require her personal diligence.

The automation Levelset provides has allowed Ayla to nearly double the amount of projects they cover in a fraction of the time it once took, without any extra data entry. She trusts Levelset to get the right documents to the right people before deadlines hit, provide correct customer details for their paperwork, and better protect the company from risk, saying, “I can’t imagine doing my job in multiple states without Levelset.”

Faulkner Haynes: HVAC Company in the Carolinas

Credit Manager Natalie Damico

Before joining Faulkner Haynes as a credit manager, Natalie chose to implement Levelset at the last construction company she worked for. She decided to use Levelset because the preliminary notice process was “a nightmare because of the research involved to find the right parties, having to do all the forms and mailing manually, then making sure that customers were paying on time.”

Once at Faulkner Haynes, she ran into the same issues and knew they needed both a more efficient payment process and better risk mitigation. After implementing Levelset for the second time, Natalie’s day-to-day has become easier to manage, which is essential since she’s the company’s only credit manager. As a long-time user, she says, “Levelset makes me feel more comfortable and like I have a better control on risk.” 

Additionally, Natalie’s boss, CFO Jason Emanuel, is happy to have adopted an automated lien rights management process, stating that the time in which it takes to get paid has gone down, and moreover, that, “all of the [issues] we were having trouble with, Levelset solved.” 

Pacific Plumbing Supply: Plumbing Supplier Based in Washington and Alaska 

Assistant Credit Manager Amy Williams 

Like so many others in similar positions, assistant credit manager Amy and her small team were overwhelmed by their company’s impressive amount of jobs, and were unable to keep up with all that had to be done. Daily to-do’s, like managing collections, were put on the back burner in an effort to send preliminary notices out on time, and to research potential customers so that the best decisions about extending credit could be made. 

Luckily, Pacific Plumbing Supply cares for their employees as much as they care for their customers. When they realized what struggles their finance department was facing, they decided to invest in software to both ease their employees’ daily routines and to ensure the financial security of the company as a whole. 

After implementing Levelset, Amy and her team no longer have to sacrifice one task for another. She told us, “using Levelset to automate our notices has made our processes faster and more accurate. We have more tools at our fingertips, and it keeps us more organized.” 

With so much taken off of their plates due to the automation of preliminary notices and customer credit research, Amy doesn’t need to make as many collection calls as she once did, she feels confident that risk has been reduced, and her workdays are far less chaotic.

Irby: Electrical Supplier Based in the Southeast

Director of Credit Thomas Box

Irby has an extremely high volume of jobs, so Thomas and his finance team are consistently hustling. Before joining Irby, Thomas had never used software to automatically create and send notices, so he was initially concerned about its accuracy. 

However, after working with Levelset to ensure that notices went out automatically only according to his company’s preferences, he says that, “[Levelset] has been good. There’s never any downtime here, so to have one more thing taken off our plates is great.”  Furthermore, Thomas now has more peace of mind when extending credit due to the reports provided on potential customers.

Thomas is determined to provide the best possible credit management efforts to the company, and Levelset’s automation capabilities help him to do so. 

If you’re a credit manager interested in making the move to automation, reach out to the Levelset team today.

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