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I am getting property owner calls that are upset that we are sending NTO to them when the cell tower is on there property but not owned by them....Read More
By Anonymous Equipment Lessor
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FloridaLien Waivers
Can a contractor agree in an unconditional waiver to indemnify for any claims by a subcontractor? We are a residential house owner working with a licensed contractor. We do not love him and plan to pay him in full. Throughout the project, he has had us sign conditional lien waivers with his company. We want him to sign an Unconditional Lien Release form in CA. However, we don't know any of his subs, suppliers, etc. and want to avoid claims on the back end. We added the following language to the CA form: The claimant represents and warrants that it has paid all subcontractors, materialmen and suppliers for any equipment, material, labor or service provided to Customer at the Job Location, and agrees to indemnify, defend and hold Customer harmless in the event of any such claims. Will that work? This is a smaller project, total paid under $25,000. Thanks!...Read More
By Kavita Patel
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CaliforniaLien Waivers
Terminated an employee and need to have him sign a lien release waiver....Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaLien Waivers
Do all gravel pits in Utah need to have lien wavers with all the companies they do business with?...Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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UtahLien Waivers
I received a check for a project in UT. It included this lien waiver as a condition of endorsement: In consideration of the payment of this check, the payee by endorsing &/or negotiation same waives & relinquishes all right of lien or claims payee now has upon the project described by common job name/number on reverse side herof. Undersigned further acknowledges & guarantees that it has made payment in full to all laborers & suppliers under its scope of work to date hereof. Is this a conditional or final waiver? Do I completely waive my lien rights if I endorse a check with this terminology? ...Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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UtahLien ReleasesLien Waivers
Between 10/19-24/2020 we performed work at 3900 Brentwood st lake charles la and at the end of week to be paid the client refused to pay me & my workers, so since I owner the company I had to pay the workers out of pocket, the home owner then gave me a check of $13,200.00 for reimbursement, on 10/26/2020 she canceled the check after I had already paid my worker on 10/24/2020, I have all my reciepts for money owed to me can someone please help, ...Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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LouisianaLawsuitLien Waivers
I had a roof installed in 2019. The contractor provided a final invoice November 2019. We have paid $10,000 of $13,701.98. I have attempted to contact the contractor multiple times to discuss final payment as there were three issues I wanted to address before payment. I had asked that the invoice reflect a line item specifically for debris removal as it would be covered by insurance; there was a manufacturer's rebate for veterans that did not appear to be applied; and there was property damage for which we paid and were told would be reimbursed. I had contacted them a few times previously by email and left phone messages, and then again most recently on Jul 1, 2020 and then again on July 27, 2020. Since I cannot get a response, do I need to send a lien waiver or since it's been well over 60 days since services were rendered, can I assume they cannot come back to me asking for any further payment?...Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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MissouriCollectionsLien DeadlinesLien WaiversPayment Disputes
I have a question regarding the "joint check rule" I have a customer that owes me $109K for invoices from October-December. They are sending me a Joint check for $54k to cover October invoices. If I deposit the check do I waive my rights to file a lien if I do not receive payment for Nov. and Dec. Invoices...Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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GeorgiaJoint ChecksLien ReleasesLien Waivers
Should a public project Owner require lien waivers from GCs and major subs and suppliers if the project has a payment bond? Specifically talking about a project in Iowa. It doesn't appear that lien waivers are common around here on public projects. Thanks, Ryan...Read More
By Ryan Hanson
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IowaLien Waivers
I'm not sure what to put here. We are doing the interior and exterior of a project and are requesting a progress payment for completing the exterior. The Exceptions section states only this "This document does not affect any of the following: Disputed claims for extras in the amount of: $" Would we put the amount of the interior that still needs to be completed?...Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaLien Waivers
Hello, I signed a conditional final for the exact amount owed for time and material. Where on the form do I include the amount owed for collections or attorneys fees. Should I document this in the "exceptions" area as maybe contracts rights and include the amounts owed? Please advise, this is confusing to me because in California you are not allowed to include attorney fees in mechanics liens. ...Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaLien Waivers
We have a contractor requiring an unconditional waiver (they call it conditional with a "trigger statement", but the waiver says Unconditional at the top and states payment is received) but we have not been paid on this job. They note that this waiver is signed by all subs on all jobs regardless of situation. The waiver states we as subcontractor have been paid. Their trigger statement is below. Is it legal to require us to sign this without knowing when we will get paid? "The remittance of the Contractor (whether by check payment or virtual card payment), and marked “paid” or otherwise canceled by the bank against which said remittance was drawn, shall constitute conclusive proof that said invoice(s) were paid and that payment thereof was received by Subcontractor and this lien waiver shall become effective automatically and without requirement of any further act, acknowledgment, or receipt on the part of the Subcontractor named herein." Thank you in advance! ...Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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MissouriLien Waivers
We are installing an elevator for $38,000. The contractor has asked for a payment schedule of $17,000 up front, $14,000 when elevator is delivered, $2000 at completion of site of install, and $5,000 at completion. This seems in violation of California’s 10% down. However, the contractor has excellent BBB rating, good reviews, and has a valid California license. What lien waivers should I obtain and at what point?...Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaConstruction ContractLien WaiversMechanics LienPay ApplicationsRetainage
I'm a plumbing sub working g for a gc. 144k project. Gc gave a task to another sub and sent me a change order to subtract 18k. And other things. They have chipped away at my numbers and have not issued me change orders for things I have done at thier request. I kept working as to not violate and hold up the job. They always distract from the issue and don't want to discuss. Job is almost done. They havnt reciebed final draw from ups and I just got my final inspections. Is this the time to file lien to give me negotiating power? Should I file myself or reliance attorney? If the latter, then who? Waldorf md. My cell 2318180524. Best to initiate with a text. Thank you. ...Read More
By Anonymous Contractor
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