Should i do a partial lien waiver as a home owner for a Contractor to do work at my property?

2 weeks ago

I am hiring someone to do a large project at my home and am writing up the contract.
I will pay 1/2 up front and remaining when finished.
Should i do a partial lien waiver?

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Any time payment is made, it’s a good idea to get a corresponding lien waiver. And, when a lien waiver is being used for a partial payment, a partial lien waiver is more appropriate than a final lien waiver would be.

With that being said, keep in mind that a contractor won’t be able to file a lien for any amounts they’ve received anyway. So, on single-contractor projects, lien waivers tend to be less critical. Ultimately, as long as there’s proof that a payment has been made to a contractor, then that will likely provide the same cover that a lien waiver would.

Regardless, it’s still a good idea to get in the practice of exchanging lien waivers for payment. For more information on Ohio lien waivers, including free downloadable lien waiver templates, here’s a great resource: Ohio Lien Waivers Guide and FAQs.

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