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Your first FAQ for public projects states that

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Arizona does not technically require a first-tier subcontractor (a sub contracting with the GC directly) to provide a preliminary notice on an Arizona public project in order to retain the right to make a later bond claim. What is that based on? Most other websites say that in Arizona the preliminary notice must be filed in order to preserve bond claim (and Lien) rights

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Jan 29, 2020
If by "first-tier subcontractor" you mean a subcontractor with a direct contract with the general/prime contractor, then the only requirement to make a bond claim on a public project is to file suit against the general/prime contractor and the surety within one year of the breach of the contract with the general contractor.  Only subcontractors that do not have a direct or implied contract with the contractor furnishing the bond (in your case this is presumably the general/prime contractor) must follow the requirements of the mechanic's lien statute.  The applicable statute where this is laid out is A.R.S. § 34-223.
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