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Phoenix, Arizona
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About Jennings Haug Cunningham
At Jennings Haug Cunningham, we are noted for the exceptional quality of our service and the consistent follow-through that our attorneys and staff provide to every client. A business law and litigation firm with extensive transaction, trial, litigation management, dispute resolution, and complex litigation experience, our attorneys are well-versed in serving the unique needs of a wide range of industries. Each legal matter is overseen by a senior attorney, with support of associates and a professional administrative staff, as needed. The partner-level attorneys at Jennings Haug Cunningham, are seasoned lawyers, fully-capable of handling all legal matters from start to finish. As a mid-size law firm, we are uniquely positioned to provide an exceptional level of quality and efficiency, which is equally appreciated by long-term, institutional clients as well as small businesses and new clients. We adapt our approach to suit the needs of each client because we recognize that a legal strategy used in one case may not necessarily be effective in the next. We also recognize that the best legal strategies, compliance programs and remediation plans are worthless if our client lacks the resources, staff or time to implement them. This is why our lawyers take into account every client’s resources, operational requirements and future needs when developing a solution.
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