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Written Pay off demand letter

NevadaMechanics Lien

We have a full lien placed on a property we did work at and the homeowner has since pasted away. The property is being sold and I am being asked to provide a written pay off demand letter with a date good through. Is this something I just write up myself?

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Sep 22, 2017
The good news is that it looks like you're well on the way to getting paid. A "payoff demand letter" or request for payoff demand statement is generally a document provided to detail the amounts necessary for the final satisfaction of a loan. It is a written statement containing certain information, such as an itemization setting forth the amounts required to fully settle the obligation as of the date of preparation of the statement - good through some date (generally not to exceed 30 days from the preparation of the statement. Since this is usually delivered with respect to a loan, the itemization generally includes principal balance, interest rate, interest due (for payoff by certain date), and any potential recording fees

While there is nothing preventing you from drafting a statement yourself, it may be worthwhile to have an attorney examine the situation. The death of the homeowner can throw a wrench in the works and you don't want to miss any potential deadline by which an enforcement action must be filed, even though it appears the estate is getting ready to pay you.
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Mar 8, 2022
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