Washington State. Can “Handyman” file mechanics lien?

8 months ago

If the project is installing railings in a commercial apartment building, can an unlisenced contractor who had direct contact with owner, and pay is $200, can a “Handyman” file mechanics lien?

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Washington appears to require that handymen be registered with the state, as set out by WAC 296-200A-016(26). So, to perform handyman work, and to file a mechanics lien for that work, a Washington handyman should likely carry the appropriate registration.

Note, though, that filing a mechanics lien for a $200 debt might not make all that much sense considering the costs associated with a mechanics lien filing. Rather, exploring some other recovery options might be worthwhile – at least at first.

For one, sometimes a simple invoice reminder is all that’s needed in order to get paid. Or, escalating things some with a document like a demand letter might work to get paid. Finally, merely threatening to pursue a mechanics lien claim – with a document like a Notice of Intent to Lien – could work, considering the drastic nature of lien claims.

For more information on Washington mechanics liens, here’s a resource that should be valuable: Washington Mechanics Lien Guide and FAQs.

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