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Prior to a NOC expiring ?

FloridaNotice of Commencement

As a general contractor, we have a project that is running over the expiry of the original NOC date. Is the suggested protocol to: 1. File an amended NOC, attaching a copy of the original NOC when recording? 2. Issue a new NOC, and if that's the case are we required to advise all of our subcontractors of the new NOC?

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Jul 3, 2019
Great question! Under Fla. Stat. § 713.13(5)(a), a Notice of Commencement may be amended in order to extend the effective period for that notice. So, when a Notice of Commencement is set to expire prior to project completion, filing an amendment to extend that Notice of Commencement would probably be the easiest way to avoid expiration - rather than proceeding with a completely new filing. For a little more background on Florida's Notice of Commencement requirements, here's a great resource: Notice of Commencement Overview.
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