What would it cost me to file five liens, and 2) can I still file a lien in Kansas since I did not get an intent to lien signed ahead of time?
I have two designers that owe us on five different properties.

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Regarding an intent to lien
Kansas is not a state that requires a Notice of Intent to Lien be sent – so, if that’s what you’re referring to by an “intent to lien”, then failure to send a Notice of Intent would have no effect on a Kansas mechanics lien claim.

If you’re referring to a Kansas Notice of Intent to Perform – that document must be filed in order to preserve the right to lien on 1-2 family residential projects when the project is a new construction.

However, this notice doesn’t have to be signed by anyone other than the party filing the notice. And, to be sure – this notice is only required for 1-2 family residential jobs that are being newly built. So, for commercial jobs or for work done on an existing residential structure, the failure to file a Notice of Intent to Perform wouldn’t have any effect on the right to lien.

Note, though, that a Notice of Intent to Perform doesn’t have a particularly strict deadline. Rather, it must be filed before a mechanics lien is filed, and it must be filed before the deed to the new property is recorded which passes the title to the new property. So, potentially, a lien claimant might still be able to file a Notice of Intent to Perform before filing their lien – even if it’s not at the start of the job.

For more information on Kansas mechanics liens and notices: (1) Kansas Mechanics Lien Guide and FAQs; and (2) About Kansas Preliminary Notices.

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I wanted to follow-up and confirm you’ve been paid on this project matter.

If I can further assist your company with any unpaid invoices, please feel free to call or email. My firm can collect for you even when lien rights have expired or were never pursued.

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