How do we file a lien on a commercial ex-client that owes us money dor 2 weeks services rendered in July?

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We are an LLC that has done Basic Landscape Maintenance and more, weekly for a commercial client for over 2 years. When they owed us for services rendered for June, we notified them that we weren’t going to go back to maintain the commercial property until we were paid to date. We did receive the late June payment but at the same time, we were told that they no longer needed our services and we were fired. We sent a Termination of Services Letter to them that clearly states that they still owe us for 2 wks of our services and that it would be due and owing until it’s been paid. We’ve also sent an invoice to them 3 times; to no avail… no payment. The amount owed is $615. Can we put a Mechanic’s Lien on the property until they pay in full or do you all have a better alternative idea for us? We are from Seminole County Florida. Thank you!

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Probably not. Florida law is clear that lawn maintenance services (mowing, trimming, edging, etc…) are not covered by Florida’s Construction Lien laws. More permanent improvements, such as furnishing plants, trees, irrigation, etc… are, because they are permanent improvements to the real property. So if the amount you are owed is for just maintenance, you likely do not have a lien right. Despite that, you still have a right to be paid and should consult with an attorney for the best ways to pursue that. 

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