how can i protect myself from a dishonest roofer

1 week ago

a dishonest roofer was awarded a judgement against me. The statute of limitations has run out on him being able to file a mechanics lien. Can he still file a judgement lien??

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When a contractor has a judgment in hand, they’ll generally be able to pursue a judgment lien to ensure that their award is ultimately paid. To avoid having a judgment lien filed, an owner can always pay the judgment the claimant has won against them. Or, the owner might also appeal the decision to a higher court.

Ultimately, though, when there’s a judgment in hand, an owner’s options are limited. To evaluate the potential for appealing the case, or for more information about how a judgment lien might be avoided, it’d be helpful to consult with a local appellate or real estate attorney.

This sounds pretty similar to another recent question we received at the Expert Center, and I think that answer will be helpful in addition t the information above: Colorado mechanics and judgment liens.

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