How to protect against a property lien

2 weeks ago

My contractor won a judgement against me. The statute of limitations has run out for a mechanics lien. Can he still lien my home because of the judgement?

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If the timeframe for filing a mechanics lien has come and gone without a mechanics lien being filed, then winning a judgment won’t reopen that timeframe. However, whenever a contractor has a judgment in hand, they may no longer need to look to a mechanics lien for protection. Rather, with a judgment won, a contractor may pursue a judgment lien against the property.

Judgment liens are commonly used to ensure that the prevailing party actually obtains whatever award has become due as a result of winning the lawsuit at issue. Just like mechanics liens, they’re very serious. And, in a sense, they may be even more trouble than a mechanics lien claim since the dispute has already been heard and decided by a court. So, there’s less room to argue about the validity or basis of the underlying claim.

For more information on Colorado judgment liens: Judgment Liens on Property in Colorado. For more on how best to fight off a potential judgment lien against your property, it might be wise to consult a local real estate attorney to see how what options may be available.

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