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handwriting "final" on a progress waiver?

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Anonymous contractor
May 26, 2020

if i write "final" on a waiver before notary in a pinch when I only had a progress waiver w/ me, is this acceptable?

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Anonymous contractor
Jun 8, 2020
No, simply handwriting "final" on a Texas mechanics lien waiver will not be sufficient to transform the waiver from a progress waiver to a final one. There are other differences on those forms, and Texas strictly requires that the statutory forms be used. What's more - it's just poor form. Handwriting edits onto the form calls things into question, like "Who made the change, and when?" If you need copies of the Texas lien waiver forms, you can download them for free here: Texas Lien Waivers Guide and FAQs. This article should be helpful, too: Texas Lien Waiver Forms & Guide – All You Need to Know.

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