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Can i file a mecanics lean on a colege mohave kingman az for services that were renderd to get my 14000 dollars

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I was called by the mohave colege in kingman az to do some prodjects for them on four differnt times showed five peaple my license for ut and when the job was almost complete two rows tile to do they stopped the work five peaple sighned off and said we were ok to do the work and when it came time to pay they said that i need an roc number to get paid we came from utah they looked at the license and ok you ca n do the work. I went to kingman court and the judge dismissed the case and. Ow the roc has changed the case numbers and are saying that i have to pay a 2500 fine i live in az and they know that but they have sent it to utah and utah is up to 3500 dollars. Can they do this when five differnt peaple at the colege including the president of that facility the chief financial officer also came into the room that she told me to make up a bill and give it to her she called me a bunch of bad names created a hostile situation and then called the roc when i was told that the roc could not go on property it did not matter and i have several whitnesses what she said ther are a lot of damages that the people at the colege did cause for me including they promissed to pay 14000 dollars they payed for the other jo b s that i done just not the forth one and because they called me now they have caused so that az refused theaz license and denied that bond. If you could call me at 8016374836 john i would like to know what recourse i have to collect and with treable damages please call 8016374836

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Jun 20, 2021
If you were not licensed by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, then you cannot sue to collect the money due and you do not have mechanic's lien rights. Based on what you described, there isn't anything you can do to collect.

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